The 2022 Gardenuity Gift Guide- Be The Gift Giving Hero

Who is on your list this holiday season? 

With so many different people, so many varying personalities, and a variety of interests, Gardenuity is here to help you with all of the gifts for EVERYONE on your list…even the Grinches.

Gardenuity is on a mission to spark joy and creativity with gifts this year. Gardens, green space, and nature have been proven time and time again to foster productivity, higher levels of serotonin, and overall mental wellness for people who partake. Did you know that dirt-y wellness is the number one wellness trend of 2022? It is time to get on board, get with the trends, and show your gift recipients how hip you are with wellness-inspired gardening gifts. 

2022 Gift Guide by Gardenuity…

For The Gourmet Chef:

Herb Garden

Every chef knows the importance of adding in some herbaceous flavor to their dishes. Parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano, mint, and more can take a dish from not to HOT in a matter of minutes. No need for a sous chef when you have Gardenuity’s Herb Garden as your sidekick. 

For The College Kid:

Grow & Thrive Garden

College is a time of growth, a time of learning, and a time of stress. Every collegiate student feels overwhelmed by their load of schoolwork, social obligations, and anticipation for the future at some point or another. Give your Straight A student the gift that keeps on giving with a Grow and Thrive Garden. What better way to encourage balance, mental wellness, and show your support than a garden meant to help with a thriving life? 

For The Mixologist:

Cocktail Garden

You know that person who is always experimenting and shaking up a new, unique drink?

The luxury cocktail lover needs a fresh present this holiday season! Give the gift of fresh herb elevation to your favorite cocktail lover to give their drinks something extra special. Drink up! 

For The Teacher:

Super Hero Garden

Not all heroes wear capes! Teachers are arguably the most important profession of all. They foster growth within our kids, teach important life skills and information, as well as single-handedly grow the next generation of workers and leaders. As important as teachers are, they are often not given the credit and lifting up that they deserve. Show your favorite teacher how much they mean to you and the world with the Super Hero Garden, because let’s face it, teachers are truly superheroes that do not wear capes. 

For The Pizza Lover:

Pizza Garden

Pizza is probably one of the most loved foods in the United States. According to The Washington Post, as a nation, we eat around 3 billion pizzas a year, or 100 acres of pizza per day. That is quite a statistic. Everyone loves pizza, but we all know that one person who would eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if they could.

Stumped on what to give your pizza-loving gift recipient?

Look no further, Gardenuity has a garden for that. Give the Pizza Garden by Gardenuity to your pizza posse this year to give them all of the tools they need for the perfect, fresh pizza creation. Chow down!

For The Workaholic:

Desktop Garden

Studies have shown that time spent outdoors and green spaces within a work environment contribute positively to creativity, productivity, and employee well-being. What about the people who cannot seem to step away from their desk, you ask? Instead of pulling the desk away from the person who seems to always be chained to it, bring the gift to their desk! Gardenuity’s Desktop Gardens are perfect for the career-oriented people on your list who need a simple and easy way to incorporate wellness into their workday. 

For The Party Planner:

Cheers Garden

Everyone loves a good party, but there are specific special people who have as much fun planning a party as they do attending one. The Cheers Garden is the gift for the party planners out there! Add some greens to your spirits and spirit with the gift meant for all of the party people out there. 

For The Health Freak:

Salad Garden

Pilates, green juices, massages, and yoga. We all know the person whose life seems like an ever revolving door of workout classes and meditation. You know…the person who buys a $20 salad from Sweetgreen every other day. Well, instead of a Sweetgreen gift card, why not give the gift that keeps on giving with Gardenuity’s Salad Garden. This garden is stocked up with every leafy green your healthy gift recipient will ever need to make beautiful and bountiful salads for their health plan. Trust us, this garden will become their new favorite health accessory.  

For The Moms:

Brunch Garden

Every mom needs a break from parenting and a day out with the girls for a reset and refresh. But, what about the moms who cannot exactly step away from their parenting duties? Instead of going out for brunch, bring the brunch to them! The Brunch Garden by Gardenuity contains beautiful herbs to uplevel eggs benedict, mimosas, bloody marys, scones, and any other favorite item on the brunch menu. Let’s Brunch!

For The Person Who Hates Gifts:

Gratitude Garden

Do you have someone on your list who could use some holiday cheer?

Maybe a Grinchy boss?

Or a teenager on the naughty list?

Let’s turn those frowns upside down and throw some holiday cheer and thanks their way with the Gratitude Garden. This garden was created with the intention of stepping back and taking moments of mindfulness out of the day to practice gratitude. Even for the Grinch on your list, this garden is sure to spark some joy… and maybe a little bit of happiness. 

Whosoever is on your nice (or naughty) list this year, we hope your gift recipients can find ways to allow nature to nurture their health, their passions, and their positivity through our ample options of gardens. 

Happy Holidays and Happy Gift Giving from Gardenuity! We wish you all health, good spirits, and fresh days ahead for a lively new year.