The Garden Kit Made To Bring the Gardening Experience to Kids – My First Garden | Gardenuity + The Tot

We’ve collaborated with The Tot, the go-to source for caretaking products, to create the newest container garden kit made for kids. A The Tot exclusive, My First Garden is a full-sized container garden kit created with the little ones in mind.

my first garden


My First Garden is a new Gardenuity collaboration with The Tot. The collaboration introduces the experience of growing something good to children and families. Gardenuity A full-size patio garden, it invites adults to help our little one’s garden. It comes with everything you need to plant, grow, and harvest fresh vegetables or herbs.

My First Garden kit includes the growing container, soil mixture, farm started plant collection, matched specifically to your climate, customized plant nutrients, garden tools, and access to Gardenuity’s Grow Pro growing assistance. All so you can introduce your little ones to the joy of growing something really good.


  • 4-6 farm started plants, sourced from our curated farm partners
  • 5-6 gallons planting media or soil mixture
  • ‘Customized Foundation’ (our custom compost mixture)
  • Reusable growing container monogrammed with ‘My First Garden,’ with draining & breathing capabilities
  • ‘Soil Primer’ (initial add-in to prime your growing environment)
  • Triple Blend Plant Food (i.e. fertilizer!)
  • Customized Plant Nutrients
  • Spray Bottle
  • 30-day Plant Feeding
  • 2 full-sized garden tools made of ash and stainless steel
  • Grow Pro Membership for growing assistance at any time, plus weather alerts and feeding reminders


kids garden kit - my first garden

My First Garden is a garden solution uniquely suited for growing with kids. Gardenuity features like Grow Pro Membership, the mobile grow bag, and easy-to-follow instructions make it the perfect way to introduce your children to gardening — whether you’re a growing savant or not.

Assembly time for the entire garden is 45 minutes. Clear and simple instructions keep you and your child on track as you assemble and plant.

If you’re brand new to growing & don’t know where to begin, simply contact the Grow Pro team (Grow Pro membership included with My First Garden). The team will happily answer any questions you may have at any time. Plus, weather alerts based on your location and gardening reminders like harvesting & feeding times are directly sent to you when needed.

The kids gardening kit also works for families in any environment. Whether you have a small balcony or an entire backyard, the My First Garden container garden can be moved to wherever the sun is — or to avoid any weather. (It only weighs 25 lbs after assembly!)

Your kid’s safety was a primary concern for us as we created My First Garden. We use non-toxic ingredients and source organic plants, so your kids are healthier after their first garden harvest than they were before.

Most importantly, the My First Garden kit is as simple as possible with as much support from Gardenuity as possible. We take the guesswork and risk out of gardening, making success as attainable as possible. With just a little work from you, you can almost promise a successful harvest for your kids.


Believe it or not, gardening is actually one of the best hobbies for your kids’ development — mentally, physically, and emotionally. Not to mention the ways growing with your kids can improve your relationship with them.

Here are a few of the many reasons why growing with kids is good for them.

Dirt is actually physically healthy for us.

Turns out dirt is important for our physical health! Lack of childhood exposure to dirt is hypothesized to increases a child’s susceptibility to asthma, allergies, and autoimmune disorders. If you live in an urban area or your kid is addicted to an iPad, gardening offers at least one time a day where your child is exposed to dirt.

Similarly, the sun is physically good for us. Especially if you live in a city, it can be difficult to find ways to get your kids outside. Sunshine is imperative for growing health and there’s no better reason to go outside on the balcony than to care for a garden.

child in nature

Growing educates about the Earth.

For children, every minute of the growing process is a new moment of discovery. One study shows that kids who garden often score higher in science achievement.

As you grow with your young child, science concepts will come up — ones that will be valuable to them later. On your growing journey, talk about photosynthesis, soil composition, climate change, etc.

Equally valuable, growing teaches a respect and love for the Earth that will last well past this first garden journey. After all, kids are the next generations of movers, shakers, and policy-makers.

Grow closer to your kids through communication.

One of the best things about growing with kids is the quality time that comes from starting a garden together. Every day as you plant, water, and harvest, you’ll have endless opportunities to talk and spend time with your growing partner. Ultimately, you’ll have an opportunity to forge deeper relationships with your children and open lines of communication that may otherwise be closed.

Find the My First Garden at and introduce your little one to the joy of growing now!