Gardenuity & The Tot bring fresh gardening experiences to families nationwide.

If you’re a parent, then you know how overwhelming stepping into parenthood can be. From sleeping gadgets, to parenting tactics, to buying toys, a whole new world of decision making appears to you when you have a kid.

As you navigate how to look out for your kids, having someone to help you make informed decisions is key. It’s no surprise then that, since it launched, The Tot has become a go-to source for caretakers. It’s a carefully curated boutique that offers children’s products that are non-toxic, safe, and stylish.

“Now, all 20+ members of The Tot team are growing gardens. They take knowing their product seriously, and we love it.”

Donna Letier, Founder & CEO of Gardenuity

The Tot is backed by a team of passionate people who are committed to improving the lives of parents. They’re dedicated to understanding what their customers want and how each product will play a part in a parent’s experience. They know their products inside and out. Headed by founder Nasiba Adilova, The Tot is growing an innovative and inquisitive brand.

This week, we are thrilled to announce The Tot’s new and exclusive Gardenuity product: My First Garden.

My First Garden is a complete container garden kit made just for kids. Complete with matched live plant collections, full-size garden tools, customized plant nutrients, compost, and a Grow Pro® membership, the kit is not a child’s kit. Instead, it’s a full-size patio garden that invites adults to introduce the joy of gardening to children.

As Alline, head buyer at The Tot, says, “It’s never too early to introduce good things to young minds! Gardening is beneficial at any age.”

My First Garden was created to help parents get a garden started — no matter where they live or how busy they are. It’s a bonding experience, it’s an educational experience, and it’s a fun experience for you and your kids.

“Gardening is a wonderful activity for kids as it grounds them in nature and teaches them responsibility, self-confidence, reasoning, discovery, and a love of nature. There is nothing more satisfying for my kids than planting tiny seeds or plants and watching them grow and flourish with love and care.”

Nasiba Adilova, founder of The Tot

Nasiba says, “Being in nature is a proven stress reliever for both kids and adults — we all need to be able to connect with nature. Gardening is a simple way for the whole family to do so.”

The lessons children (and adults) learn from gardening are extensive and valuable — especially for young minds. Plus, gardening with your kids is a way to rise above the digital noise of today and tap into the meaningful parts of life. You’ll bring new flavors, ideas, and visuals to your home as well as encourage healthy eating habits in your kids.

My First Garden is a The Tot exclusive and comes with everything that makes Gardenuity special: customized products, well-rooted plant collections from the country’s best farm partners, and concierge support from Grow Pro® throughout your growing experience.

My First Garden is the perfect parenting gift to give yourself, your child, and anyone else on your gift list.