How to Celebrate Earth Day w/ Your Family, Neighbors & Colleagues

When it comes to celebrating Earth Day, it is easy to feel as though you only have the time or bandwidth to facilitate one event each year. While we all do lead extraordinarily busy lives, there are many easy ways to incorporate an Earth Day celebration into all of the facets of our daily lives. 

This year, bring the Earth Day celebration to all of your communities. Whether it is at home with your family, in a school setting, in the workplace, or in your neighborhood, let the festivities continue on! Keep reading to learn more about how you can bring the Earth Day awareness and celebration with you throughout your day this year.

Why Take the Time to Celebrate Earth Day?

To put it simply, our Earth is dying, and it is our job to turn this process around so that she can start to see brighter and greener days. If we all begin to make slow and sustainable changes to our lifestyles, we can actually make a difference in the Earth’s trajectory towards decay. 

As it stands, the way we live pollutes the Earth in a massively destructive way. From polluting water sources, damaging the soil we need to grow, chopping down precious forests and even releasing toxins into the atmosphere, our poor Earth needs a breath of fresh air. As individuals, we can change this; it all starts with keeping the conversation active and engaging. 

What do I do?

Whether you have hosted Earth Day celebrations in years past, or you have never thought about the holiday before in your life, it is certainly always a great time to keep the conversation and action around Earth Day moving. 

If you are feeling unsure as to where you fit in as a champion of saving our planet, that is okay – it can be overwhelming to consider saving an entire planet with your own two hands. This year, ask yourself what you are passionate about when it comes to the Earth. This could be sustainable fashion, driving less or carpooling more, growing your own gardens at home, or making reusable bags more accessible to the public. Work with where your passions lie. 

How to Celebrate Earth Day

Take a look at this list of ways that you can celebrate Earth Day with all of your communities this year.


  • Plant a Garden Together *
  • Take a Walk Instead of Driving
  • Watch The Year Earth Changed
  • Have a Conversation about the Environment
  • Cook a Meal with Food from Your Own Garden
  • Go on a Bike Ride
  • Collect Rainwater for your Garden
  • Start your Own Compost Together
  • Shop brands that care, one of our favorites is For Days (We love their founder, mission and they make the best white shirts around)


  • Plant a Community Garden
  • Host a Block Picnic Party and Exchange Transplants
  • Clean up a Park in the Area
  • Clean up Neighborhood Streets
  • Set up a Carpool
  • Provide the Neighborhood with Bikes
  • Set up an Initiative to Hold the Local Government Environmentally Responsible
  • Set up an Initiative to use Reusable Bags


Get Greener

As you can see, it does not take much effort to bring the Earth Day spirit and awareness with you throughout your day this year. As a matter of fact, these are all things that you can easily continue to do every day of the year, and they will make a positive impact on the Earth. 

Continue your celebrations with us here at Gardenuity, and join us at 1pm CST as we host a free gardening workshop to celebrate Earth Day – don’t miss it!