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Can you imagine having the ingredients for a delicious taco dinner right at your fingertips, whenever you please? Always be prepared to host your very own Taco Tuesday with our fantastic Fall Taco Container Garden Kit.

The reasoning is simple: tacos are always delicious, especially when you are growing the ingredients right in your garden. 

We love taco night because it’s the perfect opportunity to use your Taco Garden, but most importantly because it is a great chance to bond with your family and loved ones. From harvesting the herbs and veggies to customizing each dish individually, making tacos together is a wonderful way to stay connected and work on a project together. 

Sharing mealtime is good for your mental health, psychologically and biologically.

Breaking bread or in this case tacos together is always flavorful and enjoyable, but experts will tell you gathering around a dining table together has far reaching physical and mental  health benefits for everyone of all ages. “At the table, we share stories, build upon relationships, learn from each other’s mistakes and triumphs; and not only creating bonds that define us…but also architecting the hallmarks of our wellbeing. In fact, this time benefits every aspect of your wellbeing — emotionally, physically, socially, occupationally, spiritually, intellectually and mentally – which all acts and interacts in a way that contributes to our overall quality of life.” As noted by Dr. Nina Radcliff in a story in the Washington Times.

Patio to Plate

Taco Assortment

The Patio to Plate model is one that we strive to make easy and accessible to everyone. After all, what can top the satisfaction, health benefits, and engagement that a patio container garden provides?

Additionally, the more greens and veggies you add to your regular eating habits, the more your body will thank you. The idea that food is medicine is something that we believe in, and a value that we wish to pass on through our container gardens. Feed your mind and body with an exciting container garden project; better yet, feed yourself tacos with your exciting container garden endeavor. 

10 Things to Love About the Fall Taco Garden

  1. Bond with your Family
    1. There is nothing quite like making a meal together with your family. Taco nights are special because every person in the family has the chance to eat a meal that has exactly the ingredients that they love. On top of this, giving your kids the chance to pick produce out of their very own garden is something that you can treasure forever.
  2. Seasonal Herbs & Veggies
    1. The Fall Garden Kit is a fantastic adaption of our classic container garden, as it gives you everything you need for tacos and the plants you receive in the kit are tailored to the growing season. In your kit you will receive 4-6 fully rooted plants that are specifically curated for your location, as well as the current season.
  3. Eat More Greens
    1. Adding more veggies and herbs to your regular eating routine is the best way to create healthier eating habits. By using your Taco Garden, you are growing the best and freshest ingredients to use for your taco night.
  4. Recipe Inspiration
    1. With the special assortment of vegetables and herbs that come with your Fall Taco Garden, you have endless possibilities with the taco creations at your fingertips. You might even be growing something that you would have never thought to add to your taco night otherwise – how cool is that?
  5. Portable and Reusable
    1. The best part about container gardening is that you can use your container all year round. This means taco nights with fresh ingredients all year round! You can bring your container garden inside once the frost begins to settle, and you can also reuse your cute embroidered grow bag time and time again.
  6. Grow-Pro Assistance
    1. All of our container gardens come with a 1 year Grow-Pro Subscription. This means the ins and outs of harvest guidance, watering tips, on-call gardening assistance and more. With Grow-Pro, you really will become a pro in no time.
  7. Start New Habits
    1. One of the best ways to start new habits is by making healthy modifications to the things you already love. By starting your Fall Taco Garden, you are giving yourself the chance to realize how much possibility gardening brings into your life; you’ll start with one garden, but then you’ll never want to have to buy your fresh produce again! Which is amazing, because you really do have the power to grow everything you need and make that healthy change. 
  8. Get Motivated
    1. Gardenuity’s container gardening is a fantastic way to engage yourself in fresh wellness and culinary ideas that you might not have tried without growing your garden yourself. With the opportunity to get engaged and make new choices, the motivation to continue striving towards growth will grow with you.
  9. Share the Love
    1. Container gardens that are built around a specific theme or recipe, like the Taco Garden, give you a chance to easily share some love with another person. When you are sharing the fresh herbs and veggies that you grew in your own garden with someone else, that is a gift of compassion and love. Better yet, you’re also giving someone the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal. You never know when you’re going to inspire someone to make a better change in their life by your example.
  10. Taco Night Every Night!
    1. When you have the ingredients for tacos at your disposal at all times, what’s stopping you from having a fun and healthy taco night every night?
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