DIY Garden Caddy Workshop with Women Repair Zone

We are so thrilled to be teaming up with Bea Laurie, founder of Women Repair Zone, to bring you an interactive DIY workshop. Join us as we virtually gather and learn how to easily make our own garden caddies – without the stress of large power tools!

There is nothing we love more than sharing our “I grew that” moments. With this virtual workshop, we are bringing you the chance to experience your “I grew that” moment at the very same time as you get to say, “I built that”. Get ready to get your hands dirty with this awesome, empowering DIY workshop. 

What is Women Repair Zone?

Women Repair Zone (WRZ) is an inclusive space for female-identifying individuals to go to learn about home improvement, home repairs, and automobile maintenance. Bea Lurie founded this space as a part of her life’s work of empowering and uplifting women.

“We’re really teaching problem-solving skills; how to look at a problem and realize that a lot of the things women are taught by society that are too difficult, or that woman are not strong enough to do – there are so many strategies that help women see that they actually can do them.”

Since the young age of 12, Bea found her roots and identity in her strong belief of feminism and female equality. She has traveled the country doing women’s advocacy work for female-identifying people of all ages; this includes a 9-year leadership of the award-winning non-profit, Girls Inc., as well as working on the Chattanooga Mayor’s Council for Women’s Organizing Committee. Read more about her incredible history of championing women’s voices here

“We strive to give women the skillset to be able to do things on their own,” Lurie explains, “We encourage women to have the confidence to take those skills, and to try doing other things that seemed really scary before.”

Empowering Women

Creating a safe space where female voices are heard, uplifted and values is essential for a learning environment. Especially in an environment where the skills and information that is being learned puts people in a vulnerable position. This is why Lurie created WRZ; she believes that female-identifying people deserve a learning experience that is void of “mansplaining”, and conversely full of encouragement, equality, and female representation. 

“Don’t let somebody else define who you are,” Lurie states. In her work mentoring young women, she explains that she wants all young women to “know they have the right to be where they are”. This is a vital aspect of instilling self-confidence, and one of the values that WRZ also carries. 

When someone participates in a workshop held by Women Repair Zone, they are acknowledging that they have the right to be learning the skills to be self-sufficient; they deserve to have the confidence to understand how to take care of their homes and vehicles without the help of anyone else. 

Acknowledging your Power

It’s very powerful to be able to do the things that people told you you can’t do”, says Lurie. If you are a woman, you know what it feels like to be told you won’t be able to do something. In this instance, what you should also know is that there is nothing on that list; there is nothing you can’t do simply because of the body you were born in, and this knowledge is your power.

Bea shared with us that many women who attend WRZ workshops lack the self-assurance that they can actually learn the skills being taught. The wonderful thing about learning in a safe space is that it provides an opportunity for women to recognize that they do have the power to learn, and even master these skills. 

“They all end up doing it,” says Bea, “and the best part is that they all end up doing it beautifully.”

Build Your Growth

Well-being and growth rise in tandem. Mastering new skills is confidence-boosting, and this confidence can be life-changing – empowering us in mind, body, and soul. We are excited to be connecting people to real gardens and gardening experiences wherever they are on their journey to wellness.

Join us for an inclusive and uplifting experience as we talk gardens and embark on an exciting DIY garden caddy project with Bea and Donna. The virtual workshop will take place on October 3rd, at 10am CST; you do not want to miss this fantastic collaboration. Click here to reserve your spot!

If you are interested in learning more about the virtual workshops that WRZ is hosting in the future, keep an eye out for their upcoming workshops here!