Earth Day- April 22

Celebrate Earth Day with your Super Heroes at work by organizing fun garden-inspired events. Companies large and small are taking Earth Day to heart, organizing events, outreach, and programs for employees, and their families. Gardenuity works with hundreds of leaders and organizations across industries to bring Earth Day to life because we should all be Super Heroes for the Planet. 

What is the value of Earth Day to companies, their employees and their partners? It encourages employees to think that every day should be Earth Day. For many organizations, Earth Day is a culmination of a year’s green efforts. “Earth Day is our annual reminder that climate change has a major impact on our planet, our lives, and our future. It is a day that can increase awareness and drive change. It is a day that brings people together for a greater good.”

Doug Platts COO Gardenuity.

Earth Day is a crucial time for us to reflect on our impact on the planet and consider how we can be super heroes for the Earth. As inhabitants of this beautiful planet, it is our responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations. Just as Super Heroes use their powers for the greater good, we too can use our actions to make a positive impact on the environment. 

There are simple everyday actions we can take to be super heroes for the planet. Conserving energy by turning off lights, unplugging electronics when not in use, reducing water usage, recycling, and gardening are just a few ways we can help protect the Earth.

Companies globally are collectively taking steps that can make a big difference to the Earth. Here are some ways leaders are bringing Earth Day activities to their super heroes:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Reduce the consumption of single-use plastics at the office and replace with reusable resources.
  2. Plant a garden- let every employee understand what getting a little dirty can do for the environment and their own mental health.
  3. Host a great big garden party for your community. Invite everyone in the community to plant their own Super Hero Garden.
  4. Grow One, Gift One. Let your employees plant a garden to grow and a garden to gift.  
  5. Educate others: Spread awareness about environmental issues and encourage friends, family, and coworkers to join you in Earth Day Celebrations.
  6. Take a Walk: Explore your community together. Turn the office lights off and walk through your community as a team over lunch.

Join the movement and be the super hero for the planet and your people. If you are looking for more creative ways to bring Earth Day activities to your company here is a brief summary of ideas from Gardenuity. View Earth Day Activities Here

Earth Day is a special day to raise awareness about environmental protection, sustainable practices, and human well-being. This year, Grow one for the planet and your people.