Women’s History Month- Inspiring Voices Of Today

Celebrating women who are shaping the future and me. As Women’s History Month comes to a close I wanted to highlight a few of the women who inspire and empower me and those who are part of their journey. Each of these women are smart, have had very different life journeys, and are paving the way for future generations. 

I hope my daughter, Madison Letier, and her network of friends (who also inspire me on a daily basis) are surrounded by impactful, smart women throughout their careers. Women supporting women is one of the greatest gifts we have in life.  

The ensuing list are a few of the amazing women who inspire me. They are all fostering a world that is better for women and the men who are part of their journey. 

Jennifer Deutsch

Jennifer is a visionary, a transformation expert, and a Master Gardener Enthusiast. I met Jennifer through a mutual friend and immediately knew she would have a great impact on me and Gardenuity. She lives her truth, and that greatness is contagious. Jennifer has the ability to cut through complex experiences and find the core of the opportunity.  

Former CMO of Park Place Technologies, Jennifer helps IT teams optimize the IT lifecycle. Always empowering teams to think bigger and act faster.

Ann Marie Scichili

Ann is the leader and friend we all deserve to work with, for, and alongside. She is a connector, a visionary, and sees so far beyond where most people can comprehend. Every time I am with Ann I am reminded what generosity really looks like. 

Ann Marie Scichili is the founder of AMS Design Inc., an international fashion consultancy, since 1992. Ms. Scichili formerly developed and managed some of the most influential global brands today, including Banana Republic, Donna Karan, and Lucky Brand Jeans. Further, Ms. Scichili is also a founding member of the Elton John AIDS Foundation and a member of The Circle, a charitable organization set up by Annie Lennox and Oxfam.

Emily Chu

Emily is a mom, wife, friend, connector, and fierce ally.  She knows how to connect minds to hearts to action to impact. Emily is action-oriented and has stellar follow through. Through her gift of friendship, I am stronger, more confident, and better prepared for what lies ahead. She is that friend you want in your corner- she is smart, intuitive, and makes the mundane magical.

Margot Carter

One woman who constantly inspires me is Margot, a fellow entrepreneur who is helping me in my own entrepreneurial journey. I seek her counsel, her perspective, and her insight on navigating the complexities of the entrepreneurial world. She is an incredible woman and one of the most empathetic people I know. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit is completely infectious and she is so much fun.

Margot is a leader in AI, a strategic innovative SAAS executive, business builder, and lead director for global public companies. She has over 25 years of experience in capital markets, financings, IPO’s and has negotiated, acquired, and sold hundreds of businesses and taken companies public as a c-suite executive and director.

Ann Berry

Ann is almost always the smartest person in the room and can bring out key points in any financial conversation. She is paving a new way forward for women leaders both in the financial arena and the leadership world. She shares her wisdom with other women openly and helps them break away from what they perceive as their limitations. She puts her voice and money behind her ideals. Getting to know Ann has been one of the gifts that has grown out of Gardenuity. 

Founder of Threadneedle investments, TV Commentator, and former CEO PureStar.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna is someone everyone admires. As an author, sister, mom, and founder of two successful businesses. Arianna is an extraordinary storyteller and visionary. One of my favorite things about Arianna is her ability to listen and really hear. That is a practiced gift and lost art. She hears with the intent of learning. On our last “walking meeting” in NY she brilliantly shared her experiences, love of family, and life lessons from her mom all the while brainstorming ideas for growing Gardenuity. Her constant encouragement is a gift.

Founder and CEO of Thrive Global and Founder of Huffington Post. 

Rachael Bu

The minute I met Rachael I knew without a doubt how talented she was both as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur.  Her approach to jewelry design is soul-freeing and makes those she knows feel powerful. She brings her insights to her jewelry design and to her growing business Authorne. She can make every day a celebration of all that is good. Her strength creativity, and generosity of spirit inspires me. 

Founder and CEO of Authorne Jewelry.

Winjie Tang Miao

SEVP and COO Texas health Resources, Winjie is someone I really admire. She is a leader who actually leads. She is quick to help others grow and she is not afraid to get personal with those on her team. She creates a positive culture wherever she is. Winjie speaks what she believes in and stands up for those who may not be ready to use their voices. I know, without a doubt she will continue to be part of my growth as a leader and for Gardenuity. 

Dr. Nancy Cain Marcus

I recently had the privilege of meeting Nancy and she is one of those women who makes you feel important and valued the minute you meet her. Throughout her career she has supported, promoted, and uplifted other women and I know helped everyone she encountered realize their potential. Nancy has mastered the art of listening and her bio reads like a person who has dedicated herself to helping leaders and organizations advance well-being, mental health, and the betterment of community. She listens with intent, and I can’t even imagine the thousands of women she has impacted globally. I am inspired by her grace and generosity.

Former ambassador to the United Nations; serves on the George W. Bush Institute’s Human Freedom Advisory Council.

Julie Eggers

Julie is the co-founder of Gardenuity, has the faith of a child and the backbone of a warrior. She has the proven ability to put me and others in their place when need be, with grace. I seek her counsel and her perspective daily. I truly find joy in knowing her and growing Gardeunity alongside her.