Get to Know Our Team | Interview with Cait Dunn

Cait Dunn - Marketing Manager for Gardenuity

Here at Gardenuity, we value our team more than anything. We have a group of creative, innovative and inspired growers working together every day to grow good and bring that goodness right to you.

This week, we had the pleasure of talking to our incredible Marketing Manager, Cait Dunn. Cait has a fresh and unique approach to growth with a background in both business and communications and fitness and health. We love having her on our team! Keep reading to learn more about Cait and what she brings to Gardenuity.

Before Gardenuity

Before Gardenuity was fortunate enough to bring Cait into the family, she was already extremely involved in the world of health and wellness. At Temple University in Philadelphia, she studied communications, business and spanish. While she was there, she was also a Division I athlete on Temple’s rowing team. Cait perfectly exemplifies the intersection of business and wellbeing, all in one person!

“I’ve always had an intense interest in fitness and health,” Cait shares, “After graduating, I wanted to continue in the health and fitness arena too, so I got my personal training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Then, a couple years later, I also became a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist.”

As you can see, Cait’s background brings in some of the most important aspects of wellness and wellbeing that we like to promote at Gardenuity. Cait’s perspective is truly invaluable as a member of our team; she is able to provide an insightful perspective from a business standpoint, while also considering the message of wellbeing that the brand strives to share with others. 

How did Cait Find Gardenuity?

The story of Cait joining the Gardenuity team is truly a testament to her extraordinary personality and ability to be present and make positive change. 

After graduating from university, Cait coached the rowing team that Julie Eggers’ (co-founder of Gardenuity) children were on. Julie recognized that Cait was extremely detail-oriented, and that she was truly growing and reorganizing the rowing program. Combined with her background in wellness, marketing, and business, who wouldn’t want Cait on their corporate team?

“In winter of 2018, Julie reached out and told me about Gardenuity,” Cait tells us. “After working as a personal trainer and nutritionist for years, I knew I wanted to make my way back towards corporate marketing. I also knew that Gardenuity was exactly where I wanted to be, so I joined the team in January of 2019.”

“Gardenuity was exactly where I wanted to be.”

Cait Dunn

What is Cait’s Role at Gardenuity?

Cait formally holds the position of Marketing Manager at Gardenuity, but what she brings to the team is so much more. She is tirelessly bringing in new ideas, and new ways to help the company grow by bringing the product to others through learning and shared experiences. 

“The role has kind of evolved,” Cait says, “last year, when I started, I was focusing on the customer’s experience from start to finish.”

Cait’s role at Gardenuity has grown so much, right alongside the company itself. If you’ve ever attended a Gardenuity event, such as one of our workshops, you’re enjoying the outcome of an idea that Cait originated, and helped turn into a lasting and imperative part of how Gardenuity reaches the community. 

“One day, I was sitting in our studio at my desk, thinking ‘This product is so neat and innovative, but also complex; how can we get this into the hands of consumers, while also finding a way to explain the product better?’”

Cait proposed to host the first-ever gardening workshop for the North Dallas Early Childhood PTA! At this event, drinks and food were provided, and everyone in attendance was walked through a gardening workshop, which gave them the chance to get their hands on Gardenuity gardens for the first time. Cait believes that, “when people see the entire Gardenuity experience, they fall in love with it.”

“When people see the entire Gardenuity experience, they fall in love with it.”

Cait Dunn

“From there, our events really exploded and took off,” Cait shares about Gardenuity workshops, “I realized that a key component of our growth was influencer outreach and partnering with like minded brands.”

What are Cait’s Wellness Routines?

We wholeheartedly believe that the act of taking time for yourself is not selfish. On the contrary, taking time for yourself is actually a practice that allows you to have a larger capacity to give to others, which is exactly what Cait exemplifies in her wellness routine. 

“I have non-negotiables in my life,” she says, “One is getting 30 minutes of activity every day; going on a walk, running, doing a work out class. I need 30 minutes a day to myself to let all of that extra energy out, and to get some fresh air.”

“I feel like I can be the best version of myself whenever I take that personal time. We can’t pour from an empty cup – as a mother, I can’t be the best version of myself if I’m not ‘full’. I think it’s imperative to take time that’s just for you, and to do things that make you happy so that you’re able to give to the other people in your life.”

How has Gardening Impacted Cait’s Life?

Gardening was new for me before I joined the Gardenuity team,” Cait shares, “Once I learned how easy Gardenuity makes gardening, it quickly changed my mindset and I thought, ‘I can do this!’ I learned that my problem was that I was planting the wrong plants at the wrong time. Gardenuity takes this issue out of the equation and sets the grower up for success.” 

Cait shares that after joining Gardenuity, she has adopted spending time in her garden as something she seeks out every day. “After growing a plethora of gardens now, it has truly changed my routine – I start every day in the garden. I find it beneficial for my mental health and physical wellbeing to take a step away and appreciate what the garden teaches us.”

Gardening is also something that Cait has been able to share with her two sweet, young boys. She shares that gardening has been a way for her to bond with her children, as well as incorporate learning in a tactile and exciting way for them. Plus, we all know how much fun it is for little ones to play in the dirt! Imagine the excitement they feel when they get to have their first, “I grew that!” moment with their mom.

“I’m blessed that I work for a company where my children also love the product,” Cait explains, “We have done lots of gardening over the last seven months; My kids and I have planted three Gardenuity gardens together, which provided a wonderful opportunity for me to have some quality, distraction-free time with my kids.” 

She continues, “Every morning, I tell my sons ‘Let’s go count the tomatoes in the garden and see what stage of the growing process they are in!’ I’m grateful that I am able to combine my work with their at-home education – especially a lesson that involves all five senses! It’s truly so special.”

Gardening in the Workplace

When asked about why gardening is so important to the workplace, Cait answered:

“We have led numerous virtual, corporate garden workshops and the feedback has been tremendous. Several organizations have circled back to me post-event and have explained that their Gardenuity container gardens have quickly become an integral part of their company culture.”

She believes that “all businesses and organizations would benefit from a company garden. Think about the increase in productivity and overall satisfaction a team could experience if they had the opportunity to take a few minutes every day to care for the company garden! As Donna says, ‘Gardening is a chance to not only nurture, but to be nurtured.’”

“All businesses and organizations would benefit from a company garden. Think about the increase in productivity and overall satisfaction a team could experience if they had the opportunity to take a few minutes every day to care for the company garden!”

Cait Dunn

Cait’s Vision

When asked if she had anything she really wanted readers to know, this is how Cait answered. “I feel so lucky to be a part of this amazing company. It’s been such a rewarding experience to be able to introduce this innovative concept to others. Hopefully someday we’ll see a Gardenuity garden on every porch, and every balcony across the country.”