A Note on Celebrating Black History Month in 2021

February is Black History Month, and it brings to the forefront of our lives the importance of acknowledging the value of the Black members of our community, to lift up their voices, and to take the time to be thoughtful regarding how to best maintain an inclusive and safe community. 

In a community, it is important to recognize and celebrate all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds in order to build a safe and engaging environment; celebrating Black History Month is a start to emphasizing the value of making others feel heard and giving space to everyone on your team.

The Joy of Gardening

It’s important to recognize that the world of gardening and wellness has not always been as easily accessible to Black communities as it is to other racial groups. This article, written by Zora, speaks about how green spaces and experiences are so imperative to have access to – check it out.

Take a moment out of your day to think about how you can make the world of gardening more accessible and inclusive to your community, your neighborhood, your workplace. Two of our favorite heroes in the garden space are Ron Finley and Quentin Vinnie. We have had the privilege of learning from both of these great teachers.

MasterClass is full of amazing instructors and one of our favorites is Ron Finley, the Gangster Gardener. When Ron first grew a garden on a curbside dirt strip, he got cited- and then a warrant was issued for his arrest. He fought back, got the laws changed, and started a movement. Ron is the founder and passion behind the Ron Finley Project that uses gardening as a tool to bring culture and community together. His teaching style is honest, funny and relatable. He reminds us that we can all find beauty and freedom in gardening no matter the size of your space.

Lifting Voices Up

This week, we wanted to take the opportunity to lift up some of the incredible and unique research, ideas, and contributions that people of color have shared with our Gardenuity community. Take some time to read through the following articles:

  1. What Is Culinary Medicine | An Interview with Brooklynne Palmer: Brooklynne is an inspired culinary medicine student, who is working every day towards creating a world that is more informed and intentional about what people are eating, why they’re eating it, and how it affects the body. 
  2. Interview with Adrienne Jones | Bea’s Wellness Teas: Take an opportunity to support a phenomenal Black-owned business. Adrienne created a line of delicious herbal teas that truly combat day-to-day ailments of the mind and body. Read up on her story to learn how she was diagnosed to be in pain for the rest of her life, and her rigorous research herbs cured her. 
  3. Wellness with Quentin Vinnie: Quentin Vinnie is a strong advocate of staying connected to the earth in order to feel more connected to yourself. Keep your anxiety and depression at bay by finding your roots in your garden – take a look.
Brooklyn Palmer with Gardenuity Garden

Get Growing

We want to grow alongside our community in a way that exemplifies inclusivity and creating space where space is needed. We want to lift up the voices of those doing incredible work in the world of gardening and health, and create a platform for ideas to be learned and shared. We want to express gratitude to the Black members of the Gardenuity community who have shared their research with us, and who have made us a better place because of it.