Wellness with Quentin Vinnie

Quentin Vennie is the real deal, honest about his life, his approach to wellness and his journey to finding balance. Gardenuity was honored to welcome Quentin to Gardenuity on August 6th. We discussed mindfulness, meditation, and health. This free virtual Wellness Webinar was also live on FB and can be seen on the Gardenuity Facebook page.

We are thrilled to be able to share the taping of the event with Quentin Vinnie. He shared insights into mental and physical health, and the environmental awareness required to manage stress and anxiety as we evolve through Covid19 together. 

Digging Up Your Anxiety

Quentin Soil

When your mind is tirelessly buzzing with stress and anxiety, it is a strenuous task to find a sense of groundedness. Quentin Vinnie is a strong advocate that working with the earth provides an opportunity to connect with your roots. 

“What gardening has helped me with”, Vinnie shares, “is it allows me to connect back to the Earth from which we all came, and it provides me with something to look forward to.”

Sink into yourself with gardening, and you will find a peacefulness within the practice of digging, planting, growing.

Allow Yourself to Reap What You Sow

Quentin Vinnie

Through his work and research, Vinnie explores what it means to receive from the earth. In a world that is chock full of inequity, gardening provides an exchange that is not tampered with; an opportunity to receive a physical product which equally represents the labor that was invested in its growth. 

“Gardening does not shift the social norms that we are forced to live within”, Vinnie describes as he speaks to a reality of living as a person of color in the US. “But it does give us hope that we can reap what we sow; sow the seed so that we can benefit the harvest.”

The power of receiving the fruits of your labor is vast for any individual; practice mindful gardening to find fulfillment, connect to yourself, and find a peace of mind and body. 

Gardening as a Mindfulness Practice

We asked Quentin what his advice is for those who wish to begin their journey in gardening to combat anxiety. He explained, “When it comes down to issues of anxiety, it is the pervasive questioning of ‘what if?’”; the awareness of everything that could go wrong.

To consider all of the negative “what if’s” is to rob yourself of the opportunity to grow. Instead, Vinnie suggests considering the question of “what if” from the perspective of the optimist, as opposed to the pessimist. “For anyone struggling to start gardening”, Vinnie says, “shift the perspective. This provides a great level of possibility to exist.”

Grow with Us

If you find yourself weighed down by the tumultuous state of the world, you deserve to take some time to reconnect with yourself. Alleviate your stress with us as we talk through anxiety management and mindful gardening practices on August 6th, with Quentin Vinnie.

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