5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Surprise & Delight Your Significant Other

While going out to eat never really gets old, it’s a very expected Valentine’s Day date. So how do you really surprise your significant other with something meaningful and exciting?

These 5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas are delightful and thrilling. They’ll help to cultivate meaning and love between you and your significant other — and offer you happiness as a couple that will last.

1. Wine and Cheese Tasting

valentines day date idea

Is there anything more romantic than sipping sophisticated wines all day?

Spend the whole afternoon with your loved one cultivating good conversation, trying new things, and getting just a little tipsy off a quality bottle of wine.

Bonus points if you travel to a stunning and intimate winery for the date!

2. Plant a Garden

Admittedly, planting a garden can be a little dirty and can be work — but that’s why we love it as a Valentine’s Day date tradition!

Begin your Valentine’s by breaking soil on the garden you will grow together. You may even choose a new plant every year — each symbolizing a different part of your love for each other.

Growing is something you can do with your significant other — long after the Valentine’s date. Together, you’ll share a common love for something and watch it bloom.

It’s an immensely intimate way to connect with the one you love. Order your garden kit today to receive it for Valentine’s Day assembly! You can also surprise and delight by giving the gift of a gardening workshop. It is fun to open on Valentine’s Day and something to look forward too! If you are in the DFW area check out the events at Gardenuity.

3. Go Dancing

Couple Dancing On a Date

If you’re looking for something a little more upbeat and fresh to do as a date this year, try going dancing! Whether your jam is a salsa club, a hip hop class, or grooving to Frank Sinatra in your living room, dancing is so fun — no matter how stupid you feel.

Trying new things is immensely beneficial, so why not try something new with your loved one? Besides being intimate and sensual, dancing is just a way to truly be with someone without any distractions.

4. Spa Day

Valentine's Spa Day

Spa day dates are the most underrated dates in our opinion. Whether you take your significant other to a fancy couple’s massage or host an at-home spa day for him/her, this is a relaxing and refreshing date idea for the both of you.

Maybe you plan a romantic valentine in-house facial mask and herbal bath or maybe you hire an acupuncturist to treat you both! Whatever you choose, be sure to incorporate herbal wellness into the day. You both will thank you for it later.

5. Sunset Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga Valentines Day Date Idea

Speaking of wellness, couples yoga is a meaningful and deep way to connect with your loved one. If you’re a fitness couple — or if you want to do something new — yoga is the best way to be with your significant other in an exciting way.

Bonus points if you hire a private instructor and plan the class in front of windows as the sun sets (or rises — your choice!) It will be immensely relaxing and a great gateway into the events of the night.

Valentine’s Day is really just a day to express your gratitude materially and verbally for the people you care about.

So whatever you do, choose something that centralizes your love for your significant other and enjoy spending the day with them!

We hope that these Valentine’s Day date ideas sparked an idea of what to do on this special day!

Valentines Day date ideas - growing a garden