Try Something New | 2020 New Year’s Resolution that Creates Meaning

Every January, the world collectively gives itself a chance for a fresh start. People across the globe begin setting goals for the upcoming year. But every year begs the question: how do I actually make a meaningful resolution that sticks?

Make 2020 the year your New Year’s resolution actually makes a difference. And it’s really quite simple: try something new!

Sound too simple? Trying new things is actually rarer than most imagine. Most of us fall easily and comfortably into routines — and routines are good. They help us be efficient and stable. But often, we get too comfortable and shaking it up is the best way to grow.

Here are 4 benefits of trying new things and 4 new things you should try in 2020.

Try Something New

4 Benefits of Trying New Things

1. Makes memorable moments.

Everyone above the age of 30 will agree with you: time moves faster as you get older. The more your life stabilizes, the more the days become similar. Before you know it, a year has passed and 2020 will be over.

By trying something new, you create a memorable moment that will last forever — whether or not you continue doing that new thing. So, you won’t remember all the days you practiced guitar, but you will remember your first guitar lesson. Likewise, whether or not you ever repeat it, there’s no doubt you will remember the one time you performed guitar with your daughter on vocals to a group of friends.

By trying new things, you create special memories that will stay with you your entire lifetime.

2. Nurtures a sense of adventure.

Try a New Adventure

Fear is a huge player in most of our lives — and, while fear can be important for certain psychological safety reasons, most of us want it to play less of a role in our decisions. Trying new things helps you overcome fear and instead nurtures a sense of adventure.

Trying something new is embracing unknown outcomes, which are the stimulus for most fears we have. By facing those unknowns — no matter how small or large — you realize that it’s all in your head.

The more new things your try, the more you enjoy trying new things, and the more you encourage your adventurous spirit to blossom. It doesn’t matter whether your adventures are huge, like summiting Everest, or tiny, like doodling more often. Whatever it is, you’ll come out of your new adventures with an enriched passion for life and all it has to offer.

3. Offers Insight to You About Yourself

When we lapse into comfortability and routine, we aren’t pushing ourselves. And, like most of us have experienced, it’s really easy to be the best version of ourself when we’re comfortable. But what comes out when we’re not?

Rather than wait for life to throw a trial at you, challenge yourself! Try new things and discover how you react in uncomfortably, embarrassment, or failure. You learn so much about yourself as you try new things and the more often you try new things, the more often you’re offered chances to find positive ways to react.

Besides, what if, by trying a pottery class or a cooking class, you discovered your life passions?

4. Stimulates Creativity and Intellect

It’s scientifically proven that trying new things increases our creative capacity. A new situation (like rock climbing) or a new task (like gardening) pushes your brain to problem solve in a way it’s not accustomed to. You’ll develop new skills and new understandings because your brain is wired to try and find a way to succeed!

The benefits of trying new things are incredible, and there’s no excuse to not try something new for 2020. If you’re like us, there’s are a million things we’ve always wanted to do and have been waiting to try. If not, here are a few ideas.

4 New Things to Try in 2020

1. Visit a new destination.

Yes, traveling counts as a New Year’s Resolution. So grab your favorite Away bag and just go! Turn a 3-day weekend into an experience. Don’t be afraid to travel solo, and let your eyes wander from your phone. Look around, fall in love with another culture, and learn & try something new!

2. Take a new kind of exercise class.

Try a new exercise class

Pole Dancing, Ariel Yoga, Meditation Yoga, Swimming…don’t be intimidated. There are no consequences for failure in a safe environment. Be willing to laugh at yourself, enjoy an hour of movement, and who knows? Maybe you’ll find your new passion!

3. Grow a garden.

Grow something new

It doesn’t matter where you live. If you decide to try to grow, just pick something — some fresh herbs or a garden of tomatoes…whatever strikes your fancy. The benefits of nurturing a garden to harvest are countless – and the harvests are always brag-worthy. See just how simple getting your own patio garden started is with Gardenuity.

4. Try something you know literally nothing about.

Never used an oven? Take a cooking class at William Sonoma!

Never heard of capoeira? Take a class!

Lost on how to sew? Find a youtube video online.

The great thing about trying something new is that you don’t have to know anything about it. Simply find the things that you know absolutely zilch about, and give them a whirl.