3 Quick First-Time Container Gardening Tips You Need-to-Know

If you’re a first-time container gardener, you’re going to need a little help. These first-time container gardener tips are three things you need to know before you start your growing journey.

From choosing the right plant (shoutout to our Plant Match technology) to planting techniques, to weather patterns, there’s a lot to worry about. Gardening requires daily upkeep, and sometimes it gets a little frustrating. Keeping these first-time gardener tips in mind will help keep your spirits up throughout your growing experience — even when the rains start to come in.

1. Dirt Matters

first time gardener tips: dirt matters, Gardenuity

The soil in your garden is the “engine” of your garden. Soil pH is especially important because it determines whether or not the most essential growing nutrients will be available to your plant.

So first-time gardeners, pick your soil carefully! It’s important that your soil can provide for your plant. As long as your dirt is in tune with what you’re growing, you will be rewarded with beautiful plants and healthy harvests.

Psst! We carefully curate our dirt for your specific plants needs. So, if you grow with Gardenuity, you’re set up with super soil.  

2. Nurturing sometimes means worrying.

first time gardeners carefully tending their gardener

You are doing something new and with that comes a little worry.  Thoughts like, “Is the weather too cold for my lettuce?” and “Did I remember to water?” are about to be very common — and that’s because there’s a lot to think about.

Our solution? Keep it simple and embrace the worry. Worrying just means you’re trying something new. In this case, you’re trying something that leads to a beautiful harvest and plenty of benefits beyond your vegetables. Gardening is worth the worry! Trust us, the joy of nurturing exceeds the stress.

Scientists even say that worrying can be good for you! Read up here to figure out why.

3. The “I grew that” joy is real.

Mother and daughter hold first garden in hand, happily smiling

The joy of saying “I grew that” is like winning a race: it motivates you to do more. Whether you’re growing one container of fresh herbs or 6 gardens of the most advanced vegetables, growing just feels good. Not only is the harvest exciting, the act of nurturing daily and sharing your harvest with the people you love feels extraordinary.

So novice growers, get ready for a journey full of joy, excitement, surprise, and only a little worry.

Follow these first-time gardener tips for extra help, and if you need anything along the way, shoot us a message!

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