What You Can Plant, Right Now, Where You Are

Figuring out what you can plant is hard. Instead of mulling over hardiness zones, weather patterns, plant needs, and much more, check out this modern way to find your perfect plant match.

What to plant and when

Meet Gardenuity Match, the modern way to garden. It finds a plant you’ll love and a plant that will grow successfully in your climate this very second (and for the next 10 days).

How to Match

Go to gardenuity.com and get started. The plants that pop up are the plants you can plant — this very second and in your very location. Find your dream plant partner and get growing.

What Match Does

Gardenuity Match is a method of matching plants to people so they can grow successfully. Our unique algorithms do all the research you don’t want to — what the weather looks like, your locale’s climate, plant’s unique needs, and farm inventory. It helps you find a plant you’ll be able to grow successfully now (and for the next 10 days) based on garden science, availability, and weather patterns.

Match also aligns you with the perfect dirt recipe for your crop to thrive. We know that each plant has different needs for healthy growing and harvesting, so we match your plant to its ideal soil nutrients based on what you’re growing, where you’re living, and the time of year. When you order with Gardenuity, you receive this perfect soil mixture alongside your plant.

Why Gardenuity Match

Brie Arthur, a renowned expert on edible gardening and harvesting success (and the VP of Horticulture at Gardenuity), predicts that matching the right plant to the right partner at the right time sets you up for a thriving plant and successful harvest.

Donna Letier, Co-Founder of Gardenuity said, “It doesn’t matter if you live in tropical Florida, snowcapped Colorado, the high deserts of California, or anywhere in between, we match you to the herbs and veggies that you can successfully grow based on the weather where you live right now.”

Basically, it’s how you find your dream plant partner. No stress, go guesswork, and no mess involved — just a little dirt.

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