3 Ways Vegetable Container Gardens Increase Wellness

As per 24/7 Wall St. one of the top lifestyle trends for 2019 is “Growing your own Produce.”  If you didn’t grow up gardening, or live in an urban area, or have limited time, this idea can seem intimidating — even impossible. But…it’s not. It’s actually totally possible and even easy with container gardening.

Vegetable container gardening is growing in popularity among millennials and urbanites, and the benefits are endless.

In fact, it has been reported that container gardens increase wellness. So

One of the very best reasons to vegetable container garden is the increase of overall wellness that occurs.

From mindfulness to sensory stimulation, here are three incredible ways container gardens increase wellness.

vegetable container garden on balcony


Gardening is historically amazing for mindfulness. Vegetable container gardening brings a concentrated meditation to your day and naturally increases awareness. Simply honing in on your little plant every day will enhance your ability to focus — and when you carefully focus on something small, you begin to clear your mind.

While you’re gardening, try to focus only on the task at hand. Basically, it’s a mini vegetable container garden meditation.

Multi-Sensory Stimulation

When you garden, your senses come to life. Touch, smell, taste, sight — and even sound are activated when you garden. If you let yourself, you can fall entirely into your senses while you grow.

girl playing with plants

Next time you spend a little time with your plant, hone in entirely in on what your senses feel like. How does it smell? What does the dirt feel like? What are this plant’s unique colors? Letting yourself appreciate the fullness of your senses will lead to a mind-body appreciation at large.


We don’t often think of generosity as a wellness practice, but, when aligned with gratitude, there’s nothing better to enhance our lives than generosity. So how does vegetable container gardening help to create more generosity in your life? Plants are actually quite a bit like children (only less noisy). They need you, and they rely on you entirely! Gardening requires that you have a sort of selflessness — that you give your time and energy to something else.

wellness vegetable container garden

As you tend your container garden, remember this! Then practice gratitude for this opportunity for generosity, and you’ll be happier the entire day.

Wellness is everywhere, and we believe it’s really important. Vegetable container gardening is an incredible way to become more mindful, body aware, and generous. Overall, growing will help you be well.

Container Garden Increase Wellness