Who Helps You Blossom? | 3 Ways To Communicate Gratitude

Gratitude is so important, especially when it comes to recognizing the efforts of those who bring you happiness and guidance in life. Sometimes, your support system is on standby, and others, they’re the only people who keep you going. Regardless of their active or dormant status in your life, knowing that there are people there to keep you growing on the right track is a beautiful feeling.

If you’re looking for a way to express your appreciation for those in your life who help you blossom, we’ve got you covered.

This week, keep reading to learn more about three thoughtful ways to communicate love and gratitude to your people. 

Who is Your Support System?

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There are people in your life who make it known that you can call on them in times of need; people who express care and support for you of their own volition, and who never make you feel like you’re a burden for leaning on them. Every individual offers support in their own way, but the best way to recognize someone who truly wants to see you blossom is that they are interested in your best interest.

If you’re feeling a little bit lost as to how to go about building up your system, take a look at this article by Medium that will help you out.

Why Express Gratitude?

It is imperative that we communicate how special our loved ones are to us – this can look many different ways, and it’s important to keep in mind how the people in our lives receive love, too. Acts in good faith are committed without the expectation of a returned service or compensation; when you do give back to your people, it’s fulfilling for both them and you.

When you choose to be intentional about expressing your gratitude for a person, you are also prioritizing the act of reflecting on who is in your life, as well as what role they play in your life. This also helps you to come to difficult conclusions regarding the people who don’t add happiness or growth to your life.

3 Ways to Say Thank You

Take a look at this list of three ways to say thanks to your support system this week:

  1. Write a Heartfelt Letter: This can either serve the purpose of expressing how important someone is to you, or just to remind them that they are amazing, loved, and appreciated. A little goes a long way with a kind, handwritten letter or note.
  2. Listen Intently When They are Speaking: It sometimes feels like “giving back” to your support system needs to come in a tangible, neatly-wrapped package with a bow. While gifts are a fantastic way to express appreciation, there are more intentional ways that you can go about making your loved ones feel heard and supported in return. A great way to do this is to listen carefully when you’re in conversation – ask questions, and make an effort to remember what people share with you. This establishes a mutual relationship of trust and care.
  3. Share the Gift of Growth: If you’re not sure where to start with saying thank you, you should consider sharing the gift of growth with those in your life who help you to blossom. By giving someone a garden, you’re also giving them the opportunity to have an experience that is chock full of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing benefits. 
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Get to Growing

If you’re looking for a bonding experience for you and your loved ones, look no further than growing together! Gardening with others is a tender way to work towards a common goal that will also reap a harvest that you can all enjoy together. To get yourself growing you can check out our container gardens.

Lettuce Get You Growing with Gratitude