Valentine’s Day with Your BFF | 4 Fun Valentine’s Ideas

Similar to all other Covid-era holidays, Valentine’s Day is looking very different for us this year. That said, there’s nobody stopping you from looking at V-Day through rose-colored glasses, no matter how silly it may feel – we all deserve a reason to celebrate love right now.

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The fact of the matter is that it’s difficult to be near the ones who you hold closest to your heart; with the ideas of distance and safety in mind, there’s still a way to share your love with the people who you won’t be able to see on Valentine’s Day this year.

Tune in as we share four fun ways to celebrate a distanced V-Day with your best friend or partner.

Why Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re in a relationship or surrounded by an amazing group of friends, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to express gratitude for the wonderful people in your life. The best part about Valentine’s Day? It’s SUPER fun! What could be better than celebrating all of the different and beautiful forms of love in your life?

V-Day is undeniably a holiday that has been traditionally dedicated to those who are celebrating their sweethearts – which is great! This year, we have a lot to be thankful for; the people who continue to show up in our lives plant the seeds for a different and wonderfully fulfilling type of love to grow. It’s all worth celebrating.

Get the Party Started

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s day or, as Leslie Knope would say, Galentine’s Day, let’s get the festivities moving! Take a look at this list of four fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your BFF:

Gardenuity Herb Garden
  1. Send Each Other a Garden. Give a Gardenuity garden, and plant them together! Growing and nurturing a physical garden together is the perfect way to celebrate the growth of a relationship, regardless of the actual nature of that relationship. Growing together is good.
  2. Cook Together. This option is great for a Galentine’s or group Valentine’s day celebration. Pick a favorite recipe to prepare all together – bonus points if this is a meal or dish that you’ve cooked up together in the past. Host a Zoom call or a FaceTime hang while you’re cooking to enjoy some quality time and quality eats together. If you need some cooking inspiration, check out this hot Shishito Pepper + Hollandaise Sauce recipe
  3. Craft Your Own Valentines. Collaging and scrapbooking are timeless crafts that provide endless opportunities for personalization. If you’re feeling extra prepared, send each other old National Geographic magazines, or any other materials in the mail before Valentine’s Day. Then, when it comes time to celebrate and craft together, set up a Zoom date while you work! The best part about this is that you’ll be receiving another super sweet treat in the mail later on in the week.
  4. Set Up a Book Club. Did somebody say, book club for 2? Add as many people as you want to this fun V-Day activity; pick a book you have all been wanting to read, and set up an intimate discussion over drinks. Better yet, crank up your festivity levels by starting off the party with a Sparkling Rosé from our 5 O’ Clock Box – check it out!
Fun With Your BFF

While you’re at it, don’t forget to do something extra for yourself this Valentine’s Day – after all, loving yourself is the only way to truly share your heart with others. Take a look at this lovely herbal bouquet that will brighten up your day, as well as any room in the house. 

Sending Love

Valentine's Garden Gift

Even though it will feel so different this year, there are still endless possibilities as to how you can say, “I love you”, to the important people in your life. Take some time to think about what’s going to make you and the others in your life smile for a moment – then get the party started!

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