3 Unique & Innovative Uses for Indoor Herbs

Everyone knows what your indoor herbs can do in the kitchen or in your favorite drink, but you might not know your herbs can do these things. These three unique uses for indoor herbs will help you find a healthier happier life.

1. Fresh Home Décor

decorating with herbs on coffee table

The benefits of having green in your home are enormous, but some houseplants can be a little intimidating. To bring green flair to your home, try decorating with indoor herbs! Herbs are extremely easy to grow, contain, and keep healthy. Plus, they’re absolutely beautiful and impart focusing and calming benefits.

Put them on your kitchen counter and your windowsill, but don’t be shy! Throw one in your bedroom (it’ll help with air quality) or atop your coffee table. You’ll find the green makes a difference in how you feel about your home. Our favorite herbs for décor are sage and thyme — their unique aesthetic is an absolutely lovely addition to your space.

2. Memorable Hostess Gift

Herb Garden Box Gift

For the hostess whose party you can’t miss. Everyone appreciates gifts that keep on giving, and indoor herbs are certainly that. Instead of fretting over what to get the host (or your friend or loved one), bring an Inbox of herbs to the next party and give fresh flavor and pure delight. Besides, who knows? Maybe your gift will be put to use at the next dinner or cocktail party!

3. Healthy Sleep Aid

decorating with indoor herbs by tub

Of all the uses for indoor herbs, this excites us the most. Many people know that herbs contain health benefits, but did you know that your indoor herb can help you sleep? We suggest placing an herb at your bedside table, extracting oil and placing it underneath your nose, or making a hot herbal tea. You’ll be able to avoid supporting ‘big pharma’ and rely instead on natural remedies to help you rest.

While many indoor herbs can help induce sleep, the best option for sleep aids is a lavender plant. Even the smell of this indoor herb can make your eyelids heavy and help you get the rest you deserve!

Try out these 3 unique uses for indoor herbs and let us know which is your favorite!