What Should You Plant in Your Fall Garden

Gardening is for more than just spring. In truth, some of the best plants thrive in fall weather. This fall, you can look forward to some of the most exciting, easy, and flavorful gardens yet.

woman holding fall veggies

From spinach, to beets, to garlic, here’s what you can successfully garden this fall.


Garlic is among the easiest crops to grow and prefers a cooler season. So if you’re beginning your first garden this fall, garlic is definitely the choice for you. It’s a kitchen staple, so you’ll never have extra harvest lying around. Besides, garlic is one of the veggies that have the most food miles attached to it, so you’ll be doing your part to save the world while you grow!

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Leafy Greens

fall leafy greens

The cool weather actually brings out the best flavor in leafy greens, and some leafy greens can survive throughout the fall and into winter—particularly in southern climates. Use your greens in a crisp autumn salad, cook them, or make them into green smoothies. However you use them, you’ll be maximizing your nutrition with any of our leafy green gardens.

Keep an eye out for our buttercrunch salad, spinach, kale, and assorted leafy greens collection!

Root Veggies

Anything that grows below ground is a root veggie, making it a great crop for the cooler weather and shorter days of fall. They take a little longer to harvest, but the wait is so worth it. You can add a little crunch to your salad or cook them until they’re sweet and sugary. Either way, they’re a fall garden must-have.

Our carrot, beet, and radish gardens are perfect classics to get you growing your fall garden.