The Best Alternative to Flowers: Herbs | Valentine’s Day Bouquet

While everyone loves roses or flowers for Valentine’s Day, they don’t last very long. If immediately put in a vase, fresh flowers last a week at the most.

Bouquet of Herbs

So instead of giving something so temporary to the one you love, give a Valentine’s Day Gift that really lasts!

A container garden full of fresh seasonal herbs that will provide beautiful herb harvest for an entire season. Perfect for patios, balconies, porches, and fire escapes; anywhere there is some sunshine. An herb garden is the gift that keeps on giving making it a great alternative to flowers.

Herb Garden Alternative to flowers

You can offer your loved one their favorite herb fresh for an entire season and more. Whether they adore lavender for its aromatherapeutic effects, mint for its compatibility with chocolate, or rosemary for its skincare capacity, this garden of fresh Herbs is for everyone.

Besides herbs’ immense health benefits and delicious culinary uses, Gardenuity’s miniature herb gardens look as stunning as any flower bouquet, offering herbal decorative options for the home.

The best part?

A garden can be a beautiful bonding experience between you and your loved one. As you grow together, you’ll nurture your own relationship, share a common goal (as simple as a harvest), and achieve something with one another — despite how busy and independent your lives are.

It’s the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. Beautiful, long-lasting, and love-growing.

Check out the seasonal Herb Garden and gift your loved one a Valentine’s gift that really matters! It’s a great alternative to flowers and provides long-lasting benefits!

Give the Gift that Keeps Giving