3 Tips to Launch into Gardening

Living a “green life” today can be challenging, and raising children to appreciate the green life is even harder.

We believe everyone, and especially urbanite and suburbanite families, should be able to experience the joy of gardening. So we’ve made gardening convenient, smart, fun, and simple.

Growing comes with a whole host of benefits—emotionally, physically, and relationship-wise. So, families, it’s time to get growing! Here are three fun tips to launch you into your new garden adventure.

family harvesting carrots

1. Use the space you have—patio, porch, driveway or fire escape.

If you have rooftop access, a patio, or a porch, lucky you. You’re one of the few urbanites for whom gardening is made easy. The rest of us get a fire escape.

They may not be ideal (we’d all rather have a porch), but fire escapes are great for growing! Love yours. Put your Gardenuity grow bag out there, and let the sun do its thing. Climbing through the window every day will be so worth it when you’re bringing your fresh eats back through.

2. Change the concrete jungle, five minutes at a time.

Us urbanites and suburbanites know finding time to nurture your garden can be challenging—but connecting with nature for just 5 minutes a day can help you be part of a movement to a cleaner, greener world. The simple act of gardening has been proven to lead to a better you and a better world.

A few minutes of growing every day and you’ll reinforce, to yourself and to others, that nurturing matters. Sometimes, you find yourself at the end of a long day with a full to-do list. Look at your garden, water it, and know that you accomplished something of value! If you do this simple act daily, you’ll be taking part in a process that’s bringing happiness to your life and to the lives around you.

urban gardening

3. Get everyone cooking.

Yes, we know everyone is busy, but harvesting time and cooking are when you reap the real rewards. It’s where all your hard work is realized. So, have your kids, your friends, and your spouse take turns harvesting, and have everyone join in on the cooking! Everyone—especially kids—will love having input as your plants turn into a delicious meal.

cooking vegetables from harvest

You growers out there, let us know how it goes. Tag us on social media @gardenuity or send us a message. We’d love to see your growth!