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As creatures of habit, it is far too easy for us to become so swallowed up in our daily routine, that we forget to check in where it truly counts. It is imperative that we make time, in our ever-busy lives, to remember who and what it is that we love. 

It is true that the idea of love represents many things; a relationship with a dear friend or family member, a hobby that inspires you, or the kindness that you strive to show to yourself.

This week, we’re going to take a look at the importance of recognizing these types of love, and how we can make a daily habit of reconnecting and sharing our love with the world. 

1. Recognizing what You Love

The first step in bringing more love into your life is to recognize what it actually is that you love.

Remember – the way that you experience meaning, joy and fulfillment is absolutely going to look different than how your best friend or neighbor will experience these things, and that’s a beautiful thing. 

Pay attention to who and what makes you happy, and be intentional about making the space for more of that energy in your life.

Put in the effort, do the work to understand what it is that you love, and fight for it – you deserve that. If you’re interested in reading a list of 15 Signs that you Genuinely Love What You’re Doing, take a look at this article by Lifehack. 

2. Reconnecting with Someone Special

It can be extraordinarily difficult to be the person to reach out to an old friend, family member, or partner when you have fallen away from one another’s lives. It is a vulnerable act, however one that can create such beautiful results if you’re able to revisit a relationship that provides you with love, happiness, and support.

A NY Times article, We Don’t Just Need to Connect, We Need to Reconnect, written by Adam Grant, states that, “There’s evidence that helping others can help us feel less lonely. It allows us to feel that we matter, that we’re valued and appreciated.” Particularly in this time that has been coined by isolation and distance, reconnecting with others not only has the power to bring more love into our lives, but to fulfill us as whole beings, as well.

“There’s no better time than now to get in touch with the people you used to know,” Grant says, “If you’re still looking for an opening, here’s one more option: I just finished reading an article about the value of reconnecting, and it made me realize how much I missed our friendship.”

3. Reconnecting with a Hobby

Far too often we give up our passion projects, hobbies, or beloved skills in order to join the workforce and commit to “real jobs” or “normal lifestyles” – it is so easy to give up the activities that we love if we cannot see any tangible benefits of keeping them around. 

Implore yourself to value your happiness and love of a hobby over the monetary value of time spent.

If you enjoy movement, playing an instrument, going running, cooking, reading, knitting, playing football with your friends – make time for those things, because they add value to your life. They make you who you are, and they fill you with joy and substance and excitement.

Read up on this article by What’s Your Grief, which talks about reconnecting with your passions, if you want to learn more about bringing your hobbies back.

4. Reconnecting with Yourself

Before you cast your gaze outside of yourself, it’s crucial that you first look within; take a moment to reflect on where you are at, and whether or not you’ve truly been paying enough attention to yourself. Chances are, you could use some dusting off of the mental cobwebs, and that’s okay. 

To prioritize understanding what you need is the greatest journey of self-love you could embark upon, so what are you waiting for?

One phenomenal way to make time for your own moments of reflection and internal reconnection, is to spend time in your garden. Quiet moments in your garden create a personal meditation, which allows you to slow down, process your thoughts, and take a deep and tranquil breath. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how connecting with nature is helpful for us to look within, check out this article published by Columbia University. 

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

When making large changes like this in your life, it’s okay to allow yourself as much time as you need; it is not always easy to revisit things or people who you once loved, so be kind to yourself, and don’t place too much pressure on immediate success. 

At times, we do need to disconnect from the world and focus on reconnecting with ourselves in order to truly understand what it is that we desire or need.

This week, take some time in your garden to decide what you want. Next week, go out and get it.

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