3 Unique Ways To Celebrate & Grow With Your Valentine

Valentine Couple Growing Together

Similar to all other Covid-era holidays, Valentine’s day is looking a little different this year – and that’s okay! Instead of having a Valentine’s outing think about how you can communicate love to the Valentines in your life in a more meaningful way.

A Valentine can be anyone in the world; anyone who you care for, someone who brings you joy, a beloved relative, a best friend, a partner, a sibling or your children. It can even be your furry friend who keeps you company throughout the day. Regardless of what role your Valentines play in your life this year, we want to help you express your gratitude to them through growth.

Check it out. 

Who Is Your Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is typically only celebrated with heavy romantics and lots of pink, frills and sweets – who could complain? That said, there are so many ways to celebrate love, and so many types of love in our lives. 

Romantic love is oh so fulfilling, and an incredibly valuable aspect of a partnership. You can also find such joy in recognizing the love that exists within all of your relationships, whether they are romantic, platonic, or with dear family members – it’s all love that deserves to be celebrated.

This year, pick some of your favorite people, or people that you want to grow closer with, and show them how important they are to you on Valentine’s Day. 

3 Ways to Grow with Your Valentine

Giving someone else the gift of growth is an unparalleled act of love and care. When you give someone a garden or a plant, you’re providing them with an experience that will bring them joy and fulfillment for months to come. Take a look at these 3 ways to share growth with your Valentine:

Growing for Valentine's Day
  1. Give the Gift of Gardening
    • If you’re stumped, and can’t decide the perfect gift for your loved one this year, consider yourself saved – buy them a container garden. If you need just a little bit more convincing, read up on why gardening is so good for you.
  2. Sign Up for a Class Together
    • Learning a new skill or a fun hobby with someone is a fantastic way to bond and share special moments – Rather than a one-off event, hobbies reoccur and are surrounded with passion and growing excitement. If you’re not sure where to start, consider looking into a Mixology or Cooking Workshop (like the ones Gardenuity hosts on Instagram!), or find a hobby that you both love to do, and get crafting.
  3. Make a Fresh Meal Together
    • Cooking with someone is a beautiful chance to make a deep and lasting connection. When you’re laboring, together, to create something that you will both be able to enjoy, there’s a mutual trust and a common goal. Better yet, use fresh herbs and veggies from your garden to fill your meal with that extra love and chef’s kiss!

Grow with Love

It is true, Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, and we are in the season of celebrating just that. While you’re at it, think about the last time that you went out of your way to be kind to yourself, and to show yourself, love.

If that time feels like it was in the distant past, consider this a sign that you are overdue for some self-care. Get out into your container garden, and spend some time reconnecting with your roots (and your plants!) – you will thank yourself for that act of love, and you will have all the more space to share your gratitude with the many Valentines in your life. 

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