The Gift That Will Be Remembered – The Gardenuity Giftable Garden

Be the gift-giving hero this holiday season with our Giftable Gardens. Gifting a garden will be a gift that will be remembered long after the twinkle lights, trees, and decorations come down, as they are a gift to grow and let nature nurture you. 

How does one gift a garden, you ask?

The Giftable Garden kit ships within 1-2 business days after placing an order; inside each giftable garden is a QR Code Card that invites your gift recipient to redeem their fully rooted plant collection when they are ready to get their garden growing.

Everyone likes to have a present to open during the holidays. Gift cards are great, but sometimes the feeling of unwrapping a present brings more joy and excitement than a small square of plastic. Gardenuity’s Giftable Garden comes as a custom kit and a personalized card that allows your gift recipient to receive the thrill of opening a present, filled with a grow bag, nutrients, coconut, core, and everything else they will need to start gardening. However, they also receive a card that invites your gift recipient to redeem the fully rooted plant collection that comes along with the garden, after the holidays, when they are ready to get growing. 

Gifting a garden allows you to be the gift-giving hero because they are gifts of wellness, nature, flavor, and time. This is the gift that keeps on giving with countless wellness benefits, mindfulness, delicious and bountiful harvests, and more time spent with nature. 

Gifting the gift of an ever-evolving and changing experience that can be beneficial for personal growth, as well as the growth of those around you is something that we think should be on everyone’s list this year. They say you can’t buy happiness, but if your goal as the gift giver is to make the recipient happy, you will have great luck with gifting a garden and gardening experience. 

Research backs up that gifting experiences lead to memories and when the gift brings wellness benefits it is a gift that keeps on giving. We all benefit from taking a pause every now and then, to administer some self-care and a little TLC. This thoughtful gift of a garden and growth invites your loved ones, colleagues, neighbors, or friends to do so is sure to be a success! 

Inspire the person that inspires you with the gift of growing. Whether it is a Cocktail Garden, Superhero Garden, Cheers Garden or anyone of our specialized gardens you will be the Gift Giving Hero well past the holidays. 

You will be the Gift Giving Hero when you give the giftable garden for lots of reasons-  you are giving the gift of time, well-being, self-care, flavor, and gardening with ease.  Every Gardenuity garden includes a seasonal membership to Grow Pro with full access to the Grow Pro team and information specific to their location and plant collection.

When you give a Gardenuity garden, you are giving the gift of an unforgettable experience- the experience of growing and harvesting fresh favors from their very own patio garden.

Each Giftable Garden includes:

·  Portable & reusable Monogrammed Grow Bag with handles

·  Fully Rooted Plant Collection

·  Season of Grow Pro

·  Custom plant nutrients aligned to the plants needs

·  Spray Bottle

·  Soil Primer

·  30 & 60 day feeding

·  Custom Compost

·  Coir

Time to Prep:

30 minutes

Here are a couple of suggestions to help you select the right Giftable Garden-

·  For the Entertainer– The Cocktail or Cheers Garden.  It makes entertaining extra special.  The gardens are mobile and can easily become the go to centerpiece for any gathering.

·  For the Teacher– The Superhero Garden.  Teachers are often the unsung superhero’s and reminding them how they are helping those we love grow is always a good idea. Plus, it’s built in classroom content!

·  For the Chef– The Taco Toppings Garden, Passport Garden- both are full of harvest opportunities and if your chef is even thinking about starting a blog then they need their own garden of fresh flavors always at the ready full of seasonal favorites.

·  For the Kids– My First Garden- Gardens are full of so many life lessons and they get the little ones outside doing something that is good for them physically, mentally and for the planet.  It is also an invitation to do something fun together.

·  For the Wellness Guru– The Salad Garden and the Herb Garden. Both are full of fresh flavors and with each harvest comes an abundance of nutrients. 

·  For Him– The Pizza Garden, The Homegrown Garden, The Some Like It Hot Pepper Garden.  If your favorite fellow likes to grill, watch his preferred team on the big screen then make his gardening work even easier.  He will be the hero when he picks his own peppers to top his steak, or fresh herbs to top accessorize his pizza.  No one will know just how easy it was to get to the harvest.

·  For Her– The Salsa Garden and The Gratitude Garden.  She does so much for so many- remind your favorite family how you appreciate how she keeps her cool even when it’s hot with the Salsa garden and the Gratitude Garden will be a mindful reminder of how special she is to you every time she looks out on her patio.

·  For the Recently Retired-The Gratitude Garden and the Tea Garden.  Two favorites for someone who is not used to slowing down.

·  For the Influencer– The Growing For Good Garden, The Cocktail Garden.  Both of these gardens are full of inspiration and great moments to catch on camera and share.  Every great cocktail picture or food shot always include fresh herbs or some fresh leafy greens.  Help your influencer with some fresh new content.

Let Gardenuity help you be the gift-giving hero.