Chris Schembra, Gratitude Through Hard Times Podcast with Donna Letier

Chris Schembra, founder of the 7:47 Club, believes in the power of gratitude. Chris Schembra’s mission is to encourage friends, strangers, and businesses to reflect on where they are and what people influenced where they are (in positive and even negative ways). 

Schembra hosts a podcast called Gratitude Through Hard Times, where he sits down with guests to discuss gratitude, science, philosophy, and finding the good in the hard times. We are so excited for you to listen to a particularly special episode featuring our CEO and Co-Founder, Donna Leiter. 

Chris is the Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of “Gratitude Through Hard Times, and Gratitude and Pasta. USA Today calls him their “Gratitude Guru”, he’s the Founding Member of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Culture Council, and he sits on the Executive Board at Fast Company Magazine. Through all of his podcasts Chris brings stories, experiences and the science of gratitude to the conversation.

Chris opened the recording of the podcast the way he always does with the question, “If you could credit or give thanks to one person in your life, that you don’t give enough credit or thanks to, who would that be?” They talked about workplace wellness, mental health trends, and how they are both working with extraordinary leaders and organizations to bring wellness to their biggest asset – their people.

Give this podcast a listen to learn more about Donna, the business of Gardenuity, and hear her answer to Chris Schembra’s million-dollar question, “Who have you not shown or told you’re grateful for in your life?”