Staycation for One | 3 Ways To Have Your Own Staycation

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Solitude is a gift that we overlook and undervalue; can you remember the last time you were intentional about setting aside time for yourself?

If your mind, body or heart are feeling heavy and exhausted, that is your indicator that you need to do something kind for yourself. 

Take a break this week – sit back, relax, and set yourself up to be pampered by you. After all, no one truly knows what will soothe your soul more than you do.

Create a getaway that is special for just you; this can look like a day-long movie marathon, all of the fixings for an at-home spa day, or maybe just some time to rest.

So, let’s talk about how you can host your very own staycation for one.

Why is it Important to Treat Yourself?

Taking time to do something nice for yourself is an act that runs deeper than simply having a good time. When you choose to prioritize your own happiness and time, you are giving yourself a moment to reevaluate what is important to you.

In turn, this gives you the space you need to take steps towards what is going to be fulfilling to you, and ultimately, what is going to keep you moving forward.

When we allow ourselves to be put on the back burner, we are doing a disservice not only to ourselves, but to everyone around us. If we don’t give ourselves the time to decompress and reconnect with our hearts and minds, we cannot be present. When you treat yourself with kindness and care, your capacity to handle adversity and be supportive of others grows. 

To learn more about why it’s important to treat yourself, take a look at this article by Bustle. 

Host Your Own Staycation

Whether you’re in need of a quick mental health day, or you want to plan something extravagant for your next day off, the staycation is the perfect opportunity to kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home. Read up on why staycations are so wonderful in this article by The Kitchn.

Take a look at this list of three ways to enjoy your personalized staycation this week:

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  1. Garden-Inspired Face Masks: You can start your spa day off right by making your very own personalized face masks. The best part of these masks is that they come alive from ingredients right out of your container garden. Try adding ground lavender, thyme or basil to whatever mask you end up making for extra soothing effects. Check out this list of face mask recipes by Elle for some inspiration.
  2. Dinner of your Dreams: Do you ever just wish you could make a meal for yourself? Imagine all of the flavors that fit your palette perfectly, right down to the beverage you’re enjoying – no need to make concessions for anyone else! Treat yourself to the dinner of your dreams by splurging a little bit at the grocery store (and of course, sourcing herbs and veggies from your container garden). Don’t stop with dinner, try a new cocktail or two … or three to spice things up! For some inspiration, take a look at our collaboration with Tom and Ariana, authors of the Fancy AF Cocktail Recipe Book! You’ll love their Sake Mojito recipe.
  3. Have Someone Else Clean the House: The idea of having someone else in your home can certainly be daunting. That said, you deserve to come home to a sparkling clean space that’s just waiting for you to enjoy it. You can try hiring a professional cleaning service, a friend or even one of your little ones who is looking to earn a couple extra dollars. You won’t regret it – give yourself a break.

Grow your Happiness

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It is difficult to recognize when you need a break. It is even harder to give yourself permission to take that break. Remember, you can only give to others as much as you give to yourself; prioritize your happiness, and you will be able to live a much fuller life. Take a moment in your garden this week to contemplate what it is that will give you the best staycation ever, and get to it!

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