Sips and Dips: Snack & Hydration Recipes

You know what they say, hydrate or die-drate. Hydration is a fundamental part of our health and well-being. Sometimes, drinking gallons of water every day does not sound like the most appealing way to ensure proper hydration. We are here to help you spice up your hydration game with sips and dips that will leave you hydrated and happy. 

Let’s get right to the good stuff…food. Food is a great way to gather, practice a healthy lifestyle, and challenge yourself and your loved ones to practice hydration and health. 

Spicy Salsa & Queso

Here’s a link to the Spicy Queso & Salsa recipe!

Mint To Be Mint Julep Recipe

Here’s a link to the Mint To Be Mint Julep Recipe!

Spa Tonic Recipe


  • Water
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Chamomile


Simply add the fresh herbs to a crisp glass of water to jazz up your hydration game!

Herb Hummus Recipe

Here’s a link to the Herb Hummus Recipe!

Cilantro-Free Guacamole Recipe

Here’s a link to the Cilantro-Free Guacamole Recipe.

Mindful Moments in Meals

A huge part of well-being is practicing mindfulness so that one can be better in tune with their mind, body, and spirit. Mindfulness is more than sitting in a quiet room with your legs in a crisscrossed position. Mindfulness can be practiced in every aspect of your life, including eating and hydration. 

When practiced to its fullest, mindful eating turns a simple meal into a spiritual experience, giving us a deep appreciation of all that went into the meal’s creation as well a deep understanding of the relationship between the food on our table, our own health, and our planet’s health.

Taking moments to actually sit and appreciate your food, chew it thoroughly, and think about all of the good that you are doing in your body is an important part of nourishing your body in the most productive way possible. Additionally, putting fresh herbs in a meal or a beverage can provide a mindful moment in the flavors subconsciously and consciously making things taste better and fresh. 

How are you going to hydrate your body and elevate your mind today?