Perfect Pots – 7 Tips To The Perfect Container Garden

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Perfection is never the goal when planting a container garden. Sure, the harvest is fun, but the experience of planning, planting, and nurturing your garden will give you so much more than just the harvest.

Now that summertime is just around the corner, we wanted to share some tips that will keep your gardens in tip top shape this season. Remember, not every garden will produce a perfect harvest from start to finish. It is all about the experience and giving your plants the best environment that you can. Take a look at these 7 Tips for Perfect Pots. 

Why do we Garden?

It is undeniable that producing a perfect veggie from your container garden is a good feeling; you are proud of what you have created, and you want to show it off. That is a-okay, and very fun. That said, perfection should not be the only thing we are celebrating in our gardens.

Gardening gives us so much to be thankful for – it enriches our lives and fulfills us in a way that other practices cannot. Gardening allows us to take time to reflect and heal, while also connecting with the earth and refreshing ourselves with fresh air and sunshine. All of the care that we put into our gardens to help them grow will also help us to grow right alongside them. 

Why not Focus on Perfection?

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When we choose to focus on perfection in our gardens, it takes away from the experience as a whole. Think about it – you have a beautiful growing season, full of reflection and personal growth, and once you find an imperfect vegetable being grown. If you receive this information with lack of gratitude, it immediately dampens your entire experience leading up to that point. 

This season, let go of the need to be perfect, and funnel your energy into providing yourself and your plants with the best growing environment possible. It will make the entire experience so much more enjoyable and so much less stressful. 

7 Tips for Perfect Pots

  1. Pick a Good Container – While we are certainly partial to our Gardenuity Grow Bag, there is a key rule when it comes to selecting your garden container: good drainage.
  2. Sunshine – Every plant requires a different amount of sunshine in order to thrive. Be sure to rely on our Grow Pro resources to help you determine how much sun your container garden will need. 
  3. Water – When it comes to watering your garden, convenience helps. Life does get busy, and when something is not right at your fingertips, it can easily be forgotten. If you are keeping your container gardens inside, try keeping a full watering can that is easily accessible.
  4. Dirt – Get the good dirt. Soil and compost are incredibly important as this is where your plants will live, grow, feed and thrive! You will also want to keep an eye on your plants; plants get hungry too, so giving them extra food and nutrients sporadically is so important.
  5. Picking Plants – Pick plants for your garden that you enjoy and that you want to grow. Do not forget to pick companion plants wisely, too.
  6. Mind the Wind – Some plants need a little extra support. If you live in a windy setting, remember that you can stake as needed to keep your sems from breaking.
  7. Don’t Be Afraid to Prune – Most plants love to be pruned during their growing process. It can be daunting, but pruning will actually help your plant to grow more abundantly. 

Start your Garden

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These seven easy tips will help keep you on track for a fun and easy season of gardening. Stay focused on growing good alongside your garden, and you will not go wrong. Take a look at our available container gardens to get started today.