Growing at Neighborhood Goods | Gardenuity

When it comes to growth, it is important to acknowledge the people around you who helped to make it happen. Growth cannot be achieved without a nourishing and sustainable environment, which is exactly what a great neighborhood has the power to provide. 

Gardenuity At Neighborhood Goods

We are thrilled to growing inside Neighborhood Goods. We have witnessed them bring together and serve their community in a creative and enduring fashion; we are proud to be a part of the Neighborhood Goods experience.

Keep reading to learn more about our products and how they interact with Neighborhood Goods. 

Why Choose Neighborhood Goods?

Neighborhood Goods is more than just another department store. It is a collection of brands, stories, and experiences in a common (and beautiful) space that brings people together. It is reshaping what it means to go to the store by “foster(ing) a new culture around shopping, and the type of experience you can expect from it”.

This store offers you a welcoming, informative and tailored experience from start to finish. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or not, Neighborhood Goods is likely to have something that fits your fancy. 

Relax & Enjoy

Gardenuity Cocktail Garden At Neighborhood Goods

One of the greatest aspects of Neighborhood Goods is that it was designed as a means to build and sustain the feeling of community. By bringing together like minded individuals who are interested in similar products and stories, Neighborhood Goods is doing just that. 

If you’re feeling like you need to soak up more time in the space, you can enjoy a drink or a freshly cooked meal at one of the store’s bars and restaurants. This is an opportunity to further connect with the people and stories around you, and to create a bond that may not have been an option otherwise. 

Bartender with Gardenuity Cocktail Garden

Gardenuity at Neighborhood Goods

Garden Selection

We are excited to be part of the summer experience at all three Neighborhood Goods stores- Plano, TX, Chelsea, NY and Austin, TX. We knew that this collaboration would be a perfect fit because our Garden Kits are more than just a product, they are an experience. 

All of the brands that Neighborhood Goods works with tell stories. Gardenuity is no exception in this case; the way one interacts with their container garden tells a story about who they are, and how they grow. 

Exclusive Container Garden Kit

Neighborhood Goods sells one of our Container Garden Kits that is made especially for them. Visit your local Neighborhood Goods store in either Plano, Austin, or NYC to find out what “Goods from the Garden” you can start growing today. Don’t miss out!

An Experience in Growth

“We love being a part of “the neighborhood”. ” Donna Letier, co-founder Gardenuity. “Each Neighborhood Goods location is unique and feels like the community it serves. They are beautifully designed so that when you go in you have an experience, you get to interact personally with brands and a really engaged staff who know the products within the store and the stories that make the products special.”

This week, take some time to visit a Neighborhood Goods store to find a story that is meaningful to you – you will not be sorry.