Growing My Mind, Body Perspective, And Heart – By Donna Letier

This month is all about Fresh Starts and Favorite Things so each week you will hear from one of the Gardenuity leaders on their favorite ways to go into the New Year with energy, mindfulness, and a sense of fun. We would love to see what is bringing you a fresh perspective on 2022 and what is bringing you joy. We will repost throughout the month, so let’s keep the shared collective momentum growing.

I have always loved the energy, clean slate, and fresh perspective the New Year brings. There is collective energy it carries. The excitement that comes with a fresh perspective and untold possibilities waiting to be tapped into remind us how fortunate we are to live in a country that affords us these opportunities.  

Maybe the year will be full of more experiments in the kitchen using fresh mint, or cocktails with friends bringing lemon verbena into the mix, or mindful moments each day when you nurture your garden.

However you’re growing into the New Year, we want to help you find your healthy, happy place.

Growing together,


Currently Growing My Mind, Body, Perspective, and Heart.

Mind– Try Meditating anywhere: before you power up your computer each day, out on the patio breathing in the sunrise, or the last thing you do before you close your eyes for the night.  Dr. Judson Brewer, the director of research and innovation at Brown University’s Mindfulness Center– “The first thing we have to do is ground ourselves in the present moment so we can calm down”- Learning to meditate on the go and as you watch your gardens grow is a skill that will give you a bright perspective throughout the year.

Body- Try using herbs to infuse your water every day. Adding more hydration to each and every day will give your body a full refresh. Nourish by WebMD shares the many health benefits of infusing your water with fresh herbs- and it is oh so satisfying when you know you can go out to your balcony and harvest your own flavors. Get creative with your water recipes and let us know your favorites. My favorite of the day- sage and lemon.

Perspective- Going into the New Year with a positive mindset can improve your overall well-being. Listen to Pro Basketball Player Kevin Love’s Perspective on the importance of Mental Well-Being, and it will give you a fresh perspective on mindfulness, mental health, and a huge appreciation for those who inspire people to live their healthiest lives.

Heart- Smile Farms, a leader in creating meaningful employment opportunities for people with different abilities. Seeing the world through my daughter Jillian’s eyes, I have learned what raw love really looks like. Smile Farms Inc., is a destination and organization full of heart. This non-profit leader creates job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, bringing the best of nature and the best of people together- growing good every day.