Mental Health Trends for Corporate Leaders

In case you haven’t heard, mental health is an important aspect of overall health. Thankfully, schools, businesses, and companies across the world are realizing that as well and are slowly but surely taking the needed steps to provide mental health resources for their students and employees. 

Wellness trends of all sorts fly around in our culture all of the time, and the mental health awareness movement is not going anywhere. Corporate leaders across the board are taking the necessary steps to promote better mental health for their employees spanning anywhere from wellness lecturers to team fitness days to mental health days off from work. 

The Case for Mental Health

According to Forbes, leaders who take an active role in fostering an environment that allows for positivity surrounding mental health can create higher employee retention, more efficiency, and overall greater employee satisfaction rates. If the happiness and well-being of your employees isn’t thriving, the business is not going to thrive. 

Furthermore, The Corporate Wellness Magazine notes that the “disruptions and mental health fallout from COVID-19, economic uncertainty, and social unrest continued” have affected more people in the workforce than ever before. As the years change and the new normal is shifted time and time again, employees need to know that their employers care for their wellbeing and are taking measures to help ease transitioning periods and support the people that work for them.  

According to Handshake, “92% of college seniors believe employers should offer mental or emotional health benefits”. This is a HUGE statistic. If the young people are the future of the workforce and the world, then this is definitely something that needs to be prioritized. 

So, how are corporate leaders making this happen? 

The Harvard Business Review notes the importance for managers to show their humanity and vulnerability. A cutthroat and gruff demeanor can cause employees to feel smothered and insecure in their working environments. When leaders are able to show vulnerability, they are modeling a culture of support and allowing employees to feel affirmed in their struggles within the workplace and beyond. 

This is why many employers are holding mental health trainings along with their normally scheduled and required sexual harassment and company policy trainings. Mental health training can help to “debunk common myths, reduce stigma, and build necessary skills” to effectively communicate and overcome their workplace mental health struggles. 

In addition to transparency and mental health support, a great way to engage employees in healthier and happier lives, in and out of the workplace, is through team bonding activities. Spending time with your team outside of a working context can create relationships that feel more tangible, real, and fun! 

Happy hours, icebreakers, and team lunches are all great starts to building more connection and positivity throughout the workplace. However, why not take it a step further to provide an activity that not only instigates some team bonding, but also promotes a moment of calm and peace for their mental health. 

For example, Gardenuity offers workshops for companies that are often led by our founder and CEO, Donna Letier. These workshops center around teams gathering together (via Zoom or in person) to create their very own desktop or outdoor garden. At Gardenuity, we believe in the power of using nature to nurture good. Spending time spreading soil between your fingers, watering your plants, and breathing in fresh air and greens around you can be a healing and reflective experience. 

Allow you and your employees to grow with Gardenuity.