Ideas for Gardening Late in the Summer

Gardening late in the summer

Weather patterns are changing. 2019 weather means it’s 64°F in Dallas in June, there’s snow in Denver in May, and unusually excessive heat across much of the west. The only consistent thing about weather throughout the spring and early summer days is that it’s weird. So, if 2019 was going to be your year to start a garden (and the weather put you off), don’t dismay! It’s not too late to get gardening late in the summer.

Weather patterns are definitely changing, but here’s the good news: “climate” and “weather” mean two different things. Climate is the general weather of an area over a long period of time and includes seasonal weather changes. Weather is defined as the exact state of the atmosphere at a place and time in regards to heat, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc. For example, “If the weather is good, we can play outside.”

What does the weird weather mean for you and your gardening goals in 2019?

Not that much!

If you think of gardening in a new way, use the weather to your advantage, and plant accordingly, you can have a happy garden regardless of the strange weather.

This late in the season, you can still grow some beautiful produce and enjoy the experience of the harvest. (Just make sure there’s enough summertime for your garden to harvest!)

Here are a few ideas for growing late in summer

Think Containers.

Gardening Late in the Summer

Container gardening is not just for patios and porches. It’s a great way to have a small garden that can be moved around as needed when weird weather comes your way. There are many many container options available, so look out for the important things!

Top of our priority list is good drainage, top mobility (gardens get heavy), and breathability.

Think Small.

When you’re gardening this late in the summer, time is of the essence. Look at pint-sized veggie varieties that won’t need as much time to ripen as their larger counterpart. Many small container veggie varieties are easy to grow, taste great, and are perfect for short-season gratification. A few of our favorite mini varieties include cherry tomatoes, baby eggplants, and sugar baby watermelon.

Think Ready.

Sometimes, you can harvest when you’re ready. Some vegetables are perfectly ready for harvest before they grow to their “full” size. Basil, mint, parsley, and other herbs can be harvested early and often, and small cucumbers and squash taste just as good as the larger ones!

Think Quickies.

Try veggies that mature quickly. A few of our favorites include cucumbers, green onions, radishes, bok choy, okra, jalapeño peppers, and summer squash. Tomatoes can also be an option if you’re growing late in the summer — just make certain you start with a well-established plant with a healthy root system.

There are few things more satisfying than nurturing a garden to harvest. We can’t let the weird weather win!

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 21 and doesn’t officially end until September 23. So despite the ever-changing weather, there’s still time to get growing!

We have several plants that you can still plant any time during the summer.

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