“How Do You Holiday” Panel Discussion with Creative Women Leaders

How Do You Holiday Panel Toast

How Do you Holiday?

With a lot of “faith,” “family,” “friends,” “wine,” “traditions,” and “chocolate.”

These were just a few of the things shared at the Gardenuity How Do You Holiday Panel Podcast. The panel was made up of female CEOs, Founders, and successful business leaders. Throughout, they shared their ideas on how to approach the holidays with the perspective of working women, moms, best friends, community activists, and overall holiday heroines in mind.

The conversation is funny, enlightening, and full of great ideas on how to manage and enjoy the holidays.

The guest list includes Jen Hilz, Founder of the Panel Podcast; Whitney Rowell, Founder of Miracle Milkookies; Adrian Cotton, Co-Founder Pegasus City Brewery; Morgan Pieper, Founder Feed Me Pronto; Claire Crowe, Founder of Claire Crowe Collections; Kara Shannon Co-Founder of Dallasites101; and Donna Letier, Co-Founder of Gardenuity.

In the podcast, you’ll hear the panel’s personal advice on getting a home ready for holiday events, managing work and family commitments throughout the season, meal prepping, and creating unique holiday experiences for you and your family. They talk about how to start new traditions and honor old traditions.

How Do You Holiday Panel

It’s a fun and inspiring collaboration of our favorite creative leaders to help you manage a truly festive season.