Best Experiential Gifts for the Holidays

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This week, Forbes posted an article by Terri Colby about gifts of experiences: “Gifts of Experiences, Not Things, Will Keep Giving Long After The Holidays.”

We couldn’t agree more. Gifting experiences is a growing trend as people turn to real life experiences to engage and connect, with each other, nature and their personal interests.

63% of U.S. adults ages 18-65 would prefer to receive an experience gift over a material gift”

In fact, it’s because of this we think gardens are one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. From an around-the-world trip, to a cooking class, to a garden, experiences gift time, opportunities for growth, and love in addition to the event.

We asked 100+ people what they would really like for Christmas if they could have anything, and the number one answer was time. While none of us can actually gift time, we can gift experiences that put time into perspective.

“No one can give me an extra hour every day or an additional day of the week, but when someone gives me a thoughtful gift that helps me slow down, be present, and do something out of my normal, it is like gifting me time.”

Kim Hutt

So many of us have rooms full of stuff — stuff we don’t or can’t use anymore. When you think about it, most people on our holiday gift list already have things they want! As a gift-giver, the challenge is to find a gift that someone actually wants — something special, long-remembered, and thoughtful.

Gifting an experiential gift

So this holiday season, we (and a large growing population of people) are giving experiential gifts, and these types of gifts are getting a lot of attention! From a celebrity chef cooking class, to sky diving, to painting lessons, these memorable presents are as fun to give as they are to receive.

Here are some of our favorite experiential gifts for the holidays.

Cooking Class

William Sonoma has a great cooking class that takes guests on culinary adventures. It’s appropriate for cooking novices and well-seasoned cooks.

Plus, you get to see how all the cool kitchen gadgets they offer work! Two for one.

Pro tip: Enroll yourself in the class with your loved one! It will be a wonderful bonding experience.

Museum Membership

Every great city has a beautiful museum. A museum membership is always a treat for a local. You get early access to world-class exhibits and invited to participate in museum-sponsored trips. If the recipient has a family, you could be nurturing the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, artists, and engineers!

A Night Tour of your Own City

Become an insider to your city’s nightlife. Most locals massively underestimate how much their home town has to offer — especially once the sun sets. Explore places you’ve heard about and never seen, and see your skyline in a whole new way.

Cocktail Garden Class

experiential event for a gift

A mixology class and garden workshop all in one evening?

Sounds like a dream.

Plant your own cocktail garden, and see how your fresh harvests can turn any cocktail or mocktail into a bar-worthy drink with creative flavor and beauty.

Gardenuity hosts these fun classes regularly! Keep a lookout for upcoming Gardenuity events in your city.

Patio Garden Oasis

A Patio Garden

One of our favorite experiential gifts of the season is the gift of a garden. The Giftable Garden, and the new Gardenuity Garden subscription are both, at their core, about experiences.

Garden Subscriptions Experiential Gift

To reap the true benefits and joys that come with the “I grew that” moment, you need to experience the journey of growing something good. The experience of gardening encourages people to slow down, be present, and get a little dirty.

Our container gardens are totally customized to your gift recipient and can be set up in 35-45 minutes. From planting, to harvesting, to sharing with families, to eating, gifting the experience of growing is the perfect gift.

Gifting experiences can broaden the horizon of the recipient and leave you feeling like the best gift-giver around. Happy Gifting!

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