5 Cocktail Trends & How to Create Them From Home

In the last few years, we’ve seen a real rise in the mixology business. Now, more than ever, people are enjoying unique cocktail flavors and exciting experiences. This year, the cocktail trends are some of our favorite we’ve ever seen. Here are the five hottest cocktail trends and how you can incorporate them from your at-home bar.

cocktail trends

BYOC: Build Your Own Cocktail

BYO is huge right now in all fields (read: Hello Fresh, Chipotle), but the trend has quickly made its way into the bar business and BYOC is a cocktail trend we’re in love with. Customization is absolute key — nothing feels quite as satisfying as creating your own cocktail from home. Take this cocktail trend as an opportunity to experiment. Why not test your inner mixologist? Maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent for cocktail creation.

Produce Inspo

This year, we’re all about incorporating produce into our cocktails. Carrots, beets, figs, arugula — even avocado. You’d be surprised at how well veggies and alcohol mix. Start your produce cocktail trend off with an avocado vodka smash.

  • Mix 1.5 oz vodka, ¼ ripe avocado, ¾ oz agave, and 1 oz agave sour in a cocktail shaker (avocado should pulverize).
  • Shake, strain into a rocks glass with ice, and serve!

Gin: The Spirit of the Year

Gin and Tonic

Welcome back gin & tonic. Gin is THE spirit of the year with its delicious juniper berry flavor. So start drinking! Whether you’re into London Dry, International Style, Genever, or Plymouth gin, you’ll be reintroducing a divine spirit back into your life with this cocktail trend.

Hellooo Amaro

Right now, bitter spirits with low ABV (alcohol by volume) are all the rage. Amaro is an amazing Italian liquor with a bitter, herbal taste. Other bitter spirits to delve into: sherry and vermouth. All three are super versatile for cocktails. To participate in this cocktail trend, try using your bitter spirit as the main ingredient in your drink, rather than as a support for a bolder spirit.

Our favorite amaro recipe is the Malagueña.

To Make:

  • stir together 1 oz rum, 1 oz Amaro, ¼ oz agave syrup, a dash of orange bitters, and three dashes of Angostura in a mixing glass with ice.
  • Stir until well-chilled and strain into a cocktail glass.
  • Garnish with orange peel, and serve!

Fresh Herbs in Every Drink

One of the biggest (and one of our favorite) cocktail trends of the year is to incorporate fresh herbs in literally every drink. Do a little flavor research (online or with your taste buds) and just start garnishing, muddling, mixing — whatever. You’ll love the freshness and versatility freshly harvested herbs brings to the mixology game. Plus, it’s just fun.

cocktail garden

Let these amazing trends empower your inner mixologist and get creating! Cocktails are meant for fun, for relaxing, and for enjoying time with the people you love.