Advantages of Rain | Brie’s Tips

tomatoes in rain

If you’ve been in Dallas with us, you’ve experienced the torrential downpour over the last bit of time. But while we’re breaking out the umbrellas, snuggling up to a book, and crossing our fingers for a little sun, the plants are loving it.

There are many advantages of rain.

  • It increases ocean movement
  • Revitalizes farmlands
  • Creates energy from hydroelectric plants
  • But most of all, it feeds our plants.

Brie Arthur, our VP of horticulture and plant expert, talks about the advantages of rain and why it’s imperative for our plants.

Rain is THE best source of water for our plants, because it has a higher level of nutrients — especially compared to municipal water that has been treated with chlorine. Rainwater offers natural sources of nitrogen which will keep your plants green and growing strong! 

Brie Arthur

In other words, rain is a natural water source that your plants need to grow healthily. So, although you may have the rainy day blues, take comfort in knowing that your garden is thriving!