Health Benefits of Green Vegetables | 8 Little Known Facts

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We all know green veggies are healthy for us. We know this because we can feel the difference when we eat them. We might have more energy, feel happier, digest our food better, or simply feel brighter.

What you don’t know is that the health benefits of green vegetables are way more expansive than you think. From immune system support, to improved mood, to brighter skin, eating your greens will change your life.

Here are 8 health benefits of green vegetables you didn’t already know.

Improves Metabolism

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Green veggies are high in fiber and iron. These nutrients naturally improve your metabolism and keeps your red blood cell production at a healthy rate. No need for intermittent fasting or diet pills — your green vegetables will boost your metabolic rate.

Supports Eye Health

Dark green veggies have plant pigments in them called lutein and zeaxanthin. (Spinach and kale contain the most.)

When you consume at least 10 mg per day, these pigments are beneficial for your eyes’ macular pigment levels. Your macular pigment is what absorbs harmful blue light and protects your vision, so it’s imperative to eye health.

Acts as Natural Sunscreen

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Don’t get rid of your sunscreen, but increasing your consumption of green veggies can increase your body’s natural defenses again sun damage. This is due to the rich vitamin content, folic acid, and beta-carotene found in greens. It’s also known to help repair your body when there is sun damage.

Makes your Skin Glow

Green vegetables contain a lot of water, helping you keep hydrated and therefore keeping your skin hydrated. Additionally, the content of beta-carotene in green vegetables is very helpful for giving your skin a youthful glow. By cooking, juicing, or dehydrating your greens, you can hep your body more thoroughly absorb beta-carotene and find that glow.

Psst! Kale is especially good for your skin. Here’s how.

Improves Mood

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Folate is an important vitamin found in green vegetables. Turns out, folate is imperative for serotonin production. Serotonin is sometimes called the “happiness chemical,” because it signals your body to feel well. The more folate you intake, the more serotonin you produce.

Therefore, green vegetables make you happier.

Makes you Feel Fuller for Longer

Green vegetables are high volume, low-calorie food. Plus, the rich nutrient content in greens is satisfying to your body and willfully sate your appetite. As such, green vegetables are foods that will make you feel full for a longer period of time. They’re ideal for curbing appetites, dieting, and making satisfying meals.

Aids with Digestion

Health Benefits of Green Vegetables

Fiber abounds in green veggies. Fiber passes through the body undigested, easing bowel movement, keeping your digestive system clean, and flushing cholesterol out of the body.

Maintains Muscle Health and Bone Formation

There’s a mineral in green vegetables called magnesium. Magnesium is one of the primary regulators of muscle function (including the heart muscle), making it necessary to maintain muscle health in the body. It also helps our bodies absorb calcium, which is imperative for bone formation.

This list is only the beginning of the many health benefits of green vegetables. So get growing and eating! You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel when greens become part of your regular diet.

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