Your Passport to Harvesting Fall Flavors

Falls Favorite Flavors

A New Language

For many of us, gardening can feel overwhelming.

We understand.

We are here with you on your journey and we know that developing new gardening skills can sometimes feel like learning a foreign language.

Consider this your passport to fall gardening. Gardenuity’s mission is to make gardens and gardening experiences accessible to everyone. To make the experiences approachable and successful so that your adventure in gardening is full of fresh harvests and mindful moments.

We are compiling all of the tips, tricks, and knowledge you need to successfully harvest the bountiful, wonderful flavors of fall. 

Gardening in the Fall

When you think of gardening, what comes to mind?

Sunshine. Flowers. Summer. Herbs. Fresh flavors.

Those are all definitely true sentiments regarding gardening and can be an amazing season in the journey as a gardener. But, what many people may not think of is gardening during different seasons. Cooler weather. Autumn. Falling leaves. Pumpkins. Spices. Believe it or not, fall is one of the most bountiful seasons to harvest your garden during the year and can also be a great time to begin planting crops for the spring. 

A major point to remember when thinking about harvesting during the autumn months is the date of the first frost. The date of the first frost is generally when plants have reached maturity and are ready to be harvested and enjoyed. Of course, different climates play a role on the harvest date of a plant. Additionally, some plants are more resistant to a Fall harvest and would prefer to stay in the safe soil of the ground all the way through Winter to be harvested in the Spring. 

Crops for Autumn 

Perusing the aisles of the grocery store, we see massive vegetables lining the shelves. You may be tempted to wait and see if your garden is able to produce massive versions of your vegetables and herbs. We are here to tell you that bigger does not mean better. Harvesting smaller versions of the big boys we have become accustomed to actually allows for greater nutritional value concentration, more tender produce, as well as heftier flavor levels. 

Plants that are mature and ready to be harvested during the fall months are carrots, cauliflower, kale, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, pumpkins, onions, and pretty much every leafy green you can imagine. 

Don’t let the frost falter your spirits! Keep growing some goodies for your Fall salads, soups, and smoothies!

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