Gifts Inspired By the Garden | The Hot Gift of the Holiday Season

Holiday Gifts

Welcome to the season of gift-giving. There’s nothing more exciting (and nerve-wracking) than finding the absolutely perfect gift for your loved one.

This year, give a gift that keeps on giving — and growing. The Giftable Garden is the perfect gift for the gardener, trendsetter, foodie, and wanna be gardener in your life. They’re meaningful (arguably the most meaningful you can give), useful, and long-lasting. Plus, gardens offer a whole host of benefits for the people who grow them.

The Giftable Garden

This year, our Giftable Garden is at the top of your favorite gift guides this year! Check out Real Simple, Eating Well, Apartment Therapy, & more to see what they think about the Gardenuity Giftable Garden.

The Gardenuity Giftable Garden is our all-in-one gardening gift basket/kit. It contains a complete square foot garden and includes everything you need to grow successfully — from planting to harvest. It comes with all the garden tools needed along the way: soil, plant nutrients, fully-rooted seedlings, and Grow Pro support.

Here are our favorite gardening gifts and ensembles designed to be given to your favorite people this holiday season.

Gardenuity Garden Kit

Giftable Herb Garden

This garden kit is one of our favorites and an absolute staple in the home. Herbs, the perfect addition to your home and offer beautiful aromatic and wellness benefits. The giftable herb garden comes with in-season herbs that will last for the winter, and add big flavor to your favorite to your life.

We love pairing the Giftable Herb Garden with our Mincing Scissors for Herbs.

Perfect for beginner gardeners!

Giftable Cocktail Garden

The cocktail garden is the at-home mixologist’s dream gift. Grow herbs and plants that help your loved one create stunning garden-inspired cocktails. Don’t underestimate what a sprig of fresh rosemary can do to a basic Old-Fashioned.

The Giftable Cocktail Garden pairs tastefully with our exclusive Cocktail Garden Sea Salt. A flavorful combination of Rosemary, Lemon, Red Pepper and Garlic. $12

Giftable Salad Garden

There’s no reason to wait until spring for freshly-harvested veggies. The giftable salad garden contains leafy greens that will grow well after the holiday season. (Yes, we mean in winter.) Give it to your favorite foodie and see how creative they can get with the greens.

The Salad Garden pairs perfectly with our Dark Belgian Chocolate Oversized Mint Patties $18. If you have had fresh leafy greens for dinner a little chocolate is well deserved.

Amaryllis Garden Gifts

The amaryllis is an iconic holiday flower. It adds elegance and true holiday spirit to any space — we love it in our home for many, many reasons. Additionally, these amaryllis holiday garden kits are super easy to grow. With our bulbs sourced directly from the best in South Africa, we guarantee happy holiday growing with these beautiful gardens.

Each is unique in its own way, so you can find the absolutely perfect amaryllis garden for your loved one!

  • Double Blooming Alfresco Amaryllis
  • Inbox of Holiday Amaryllis Blooms
  • Onyx Jewel Box with Alfresco Amaryllis Bulb
  • Holiday Bowl of Amaryllis Blooms

Giftable Taco Toppings Garden

We absolutely love tacos at any time of the year. This delicious grow kit comes with seasonal veggies and herbs that are perfect for creating homemade taco — from cilantro, to peppers, to tomatoes, to kale. It’s a gift match for the true taco lovers in your life. Plus, it’s an exciting way to introduce the joy of growing to someone you love!

The Taco Toppings Garden coupled with our Rosemary, Garlic, Lemon Sea Salt $12 will be a well-received gift for the foodie and wannabe chef in your life. Fresh leafy greens, herbs and seasonal vegetables don’t need a lot of salsa when you have this special salt to enhance the flavors of your fresh harvest.

Garden Subscriptions to keep you Growing!

Our new subscriptions will keep your container garden growing throughout the year by sending complete container garden or gardens with fresh plant collections, and will keep your garden topped off all year long with regular refreshments of plants and plant essentials. Best of all, no monthly fee, one-time payment and free shipping all year.

Find more creative gift ideas visit Gardenuity.

Giftable Garden