Why Gardens are the Most Meaningful Gifts

Meaningful Gift

This year, give your loved ones the most meaningful gifts you can — the gift that grows more love. Gardens are the ultimate gifts for the people you cherish. They’re gifts that foster greater relationships, offer meaningful experiences, and will be truly cherished.

Here’s why garden gifts are the most meaningful gifts you can give.

Nurture your Relationship

No matter how you spin it, time is the best gift a person can give. When you grow with loved ones, you’re not just nurturing a garden — you’re fostering better relationships. This year, give your loved one a container garden kit and offer to grow with them. The daily garden check-ins will give you chances to communicate, learn and grow together, and reap rewards alongside each other.

Whether you’re growing peppers, lettuce or tomatoes, gardening can provide meaningful experiences that feed a happier, healthier relationship with your person. If you stick with it you will earn yourself a green thumb too!

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Experience Meaning Together

We all love “stuff,” but experiences help shape our identity and create lifelong experiences. Doing things with the people you love is far more valuable than new objects. So rather than settle for jewelry, give your friends and family something that will create more meaning in their life.

Garden gifts are gifts of journeys. They build appreciation and awareness for the Earth, have scientific health and psychological benefits, and offer true happiness. What more could you offer?

Keep On Giving (long after harvest)

The great thing about growing?

It only grows more memories — long after harvest. Whether that’s an intimate family gathering (eating fresh harvest), a new exciting hobby, or an increased sense of gratitude, the gifts of the garden are continuous.

Garden Gift from Gardenuity

Giving meaningful gifts is hard, but when you give meaningful garden gifts or a growing kit, you give a gift the gift that grows more love.

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