Gardening for All: How to Get the Whole Family Growing

Family Gardening Time

National Family Day is on September 27, and there’s never been a better time to make gardening your next family pass time!

We’ve talked a lot about the amazing benefits of getting in the garden, both for mental and physical health. But growing is also a wonderful way to build community, engage young minds and create memories–and habits–that last a lifetime. 

Here’s how you can get the whole family excited to get out and grow. 

For Dads

Dads love their gadgets–and there are some pretty cool ones to be used in the gardens. Statistically-minded dads will have fun using light meters to determine ideal plant placement and analyzers to measure soil pH and moisture. For dads that love their technology, smartphone-controlled sprinkler systems and Bluetooth-connected plant monitors are sure to captivate. 

If anything, fresh, home-grown vegetables are great for grilling and are sure to delight at the next cookout!  

For Moms

Interestingly, women are less likely to spend time outside than men. This is particularly disappointing seeing as up to 72% of women report feeling liberated when outdoors. Gardens are excellent excuses to get up, spend some time in the sun, and enjoy a moment of peace each day. 

For Teens

For those entering adolescence, gardens are a great entry point into learning about financial management and responsibility. Develop a grocery budget with your teen, then take them both to a supermarket and a nursery. Run through the ROI of plants grown at home as opposed to those purchased at the store, taking into account the time and additional expenses of both options. 

For Kids

Kids Gardening And Playing

Gardens are a treasure trove of learning opportunities for even the youngest of children. Toddlers can discover earth science and biology through learning about different kinds of plants and insects. Older kids can take on more responsibility through nurturing a plant from seed to stalk (Bonus: it’s a much less risky endeavor than caring for an animal!). Plantlife cycles can also be used as great metaphors for explaining human growth and development. 

For Furry Friends 

Dogs and cats alike will enjoy the sunshine and companionship that comes with working outside! Growing plants such as basil (which can boost dogs’ moods) or catnip are also fun ways to bring the pets into the family fun. 

While each member of the family will have their own growth journey, they are journeys that can be taken together. Whether you strike gardening gold or have only a few successes, make sure that after the harvest, you gather for a meal to enjoy the (literal!) fruits of your labors.