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Summer Trends 2020

Summer 2020 has been a summer like no other. We have had a lot of time at home with our gardens, but who’s complaining?

Not us!

Today, we’re sharing the summer gardening trends that have been keeping us busy, mindful, and getting a lot of attention this summer.

Here are the best gardening trends of summer 2020.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is a favorite trend no matter the season. It allows you to enjoy the experience of gardening and harvesting even if you only have a small space available on your patio, fire escape or porch.

One of the best ways to ensure a successful harvest is by growing your vegetables and herbs in Grow bags. Good Grow bags are made of fabric that allows air to circulate. Free circulation of air benefits the roots of your plants allowing them to efficiently absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Grow bags are mobile and can fit into almost any space.

Grow bags also take the guess work out of watering which is ideal for those new to gardening. The weave of the fabric allows all excess water to drain and this will reduce your chance of over watering. However, since air circulates in Grow bags, the soil can dry out and which means you will need to water your garden regularly.

To get started, just find a sunny spot to place your container and choose what you would like to grow. Soon you will be enjoying the “I grew that” moment with all of your fresh harvests. To see will grow and thrive in your area right now, check out Gardenuity Match.

Tomato Gardenuity Container Garden

Gardening to please your palate

Growing things you like to eat has been growing in popularity as people have been spending more time in the kitchen. Cookbook sales, year over year have been rising. Every week new cookbooks from culinary masters, celebrity chefs, and creative bloggers have been hitting store shelves. And people are buying them! Publishers Weekly reports that sales of print cookbooks continue to rise and that’s despite the fact that recipes are widely available online, on apps, in newsletters and on the websites of chefs, and bloggers.

As Americans adjust to spending more time at home, their confidence in the kitchen has soared. What is driving some of their creativity in the kitchen? Seeing what is ready to harvest in their garden.

Gardening has now merged with at home entertaining and hosts are encouraging their guests to top their pizza with fresh herbs from the garden and to pick fresh flavors for their cocktail right from the garden.

Check out our handy Vegetable Garden Kit for a head-start on your produce adventures.  Or how to have your own herb garden growing quickly with the complete Herb Garden and Cocktail Garden kit.


Compost and Soil in Childs Hands

Composting has been a huge trend this summer because of the mass amounts of people staying home. Being home means creating much more waste at home, but composting is the silver lining! Composting provides the opportunity for you to recycle your waste and directly reap the benefits of doing so. 

We are loving this eco-friendly summer gardening trend. Composting is recycling organic waste products, which produce a nutrient-rich “soil conditioner.” This minimizes your contribution to landfills while also feeding your garden! 

If you want to jump-start your composting process, you can buy compost and then add your own materials to it at home. To learn more, check out our Complete Guide To Composting: How, What & Why!

Gardening for Kids

Gardening is the summer trend that is perfect for your little ones at home. Gardening is an activity that can help your kids learn to nurture and exercise patience and discipline, all while they get to work outside with you.

“We believe kids who learn to nurture a garden will find the joy that comes with nurturing good eating habits and will grow a lifetime of gratitude. We believe gardening should be accessible to anyone, anywhere despite where they live or how mobile they are.” Donna Letier, Co-founder and CEO.

“I see the garden as a great equalizer. Children of all ages, abilities, and location can grow together and experience the joy that comes with nurturing something good.” Donna Letier. “Gardening brings families and communities together. Learning how to grow things you eat fosters more than just horticultural skills in children. In the garden you can teach math, science, and self-confidence – gardening is a way to practice gratitude, and children get to feel success and pride that comes with bringing something good to life. Gardening with children has been shown to encourage healthy eating, enhance fine motor development, grow environmental stewards, and as a way to actively engage all five senses.

This is the perfect summer to get kids outside, playing in the dirt, growing healthy habits, and inspiring their curiosity in the kitchen.

If you are looking for a way to get your kids excited about gardening, check out the Good Thyme Gardening Camp for kids.

Children Planting

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