Father’s Day Traditions for Every Type of Dad

Spending Father's Day with Dad

This year, go above and beyond for Dad. Whether he’s the dad of a grown family, newborn child, or the house cat, he deserves recognition this Father’s Day — and a little something special. 

Here are 4 Father’s Day traditions for every type of dad.

1. For the New Dad

No type of dad deserves a Father’s Day gift like the new Dad. So give him the day off with his dad friends! Because let’s face it, he’s probably overwhelmed. I’m sure he loves his new family, but new dads don’t often get breaks. Send him off with his favorite dad friends to do whatever they like — and maybe have his favorite meal ready for him when he gets home! We promise he’ll love this tradition.

2. For the Dog Dad

Father's Day Traditions for Dog Dad
Boy holding funny Samoyed puppy in the summer garden

Send him outdoors with his son (read: pup)! There’s nothing quite as relaxing or quite as inspiring as a day out in the sun. Whether your landscape is city center or vast desert, simply being outside provides a break from the world and spending time outside with the people you love creates special moments he’ll always remember. Trust us, any dog dad can appreciate this.

If you’re looking for a specific activity to take you and dad outside, we 100% recommend container gardening. (No backyard required.)

3. For Every Dad

Three words: Breakfast. In. Bed. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and don’t our favorite men know it. So cook up his favorite manly breakfast (or whatever you can cook), and serve it to him right when he wakes up. I mean, can any man-dog dad, new dad, or veteran dad — complain about bacon, pancakes, and herb-baked eggs first thing in the morning? We certainly can’t. It’s a tradition for every dad.

4. For the Busy Dad

Garden.  Remind Dad that growing good things does not always have to be hard or complicated.  Helping him get his veggie garden started can be done easily and in less than an hour.  While raising kids can sometimes be challenging, raising a veggie garden can just be fun and oh so rewarding.  Plus, it’s the ultimate escape from the phone, computer, and to-do list.  Lots of companies have giftable gardens, but we are partial to the Gardenuity Giftable Garden.

Father's day traditions

Try these Father’s Day traditions this June and see how your special guy responds. And don’t forget to wish him a Happy Father’s Day!

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