Cut to Cocktail Event with Barmalade

Now is the perfect time to restock your wet bar, and sharpen your bartending skills from home. Craft cocktails are an exciting and fantastic way to entertain, enjoy, and have fun while doing it. Enjoy your next creation with fresh herbs from your garden and a ready-to-use cocktail mix from Barmalade.

Join us on September 24th, as we partner with Barmalade to bring you a virtual Cut to Cocktail workshop. This is a great opportunity to learn more about a local product, find new ways to use your herb garden, as well as connect with new people.

What is Barmalade?

Barmalade is an innovative craft cocktail product that was developed by Jorge Alvarez while he was working as a bartender. This product is unique in that it ensures absolute consistency with every drink made, while also providing you with all fresh ingredients.

“If I can do it, then anyone can do it,” states Ashley Rock, the Director of Retail Operations at Barmalade. “Despite their background– service industry or not. You don’t have to be an expert to make these drinks amazing.”

This product is a great way to make delicious drinks time and time again, without the stress of making a bad batch or not being able to follow a recipe. Barmalade currently has 9 fantastic cocktail mixes available on their website; take a look to find the one that sounds best to you!

Why Pick Barmalade?

Barmalade Cocktail
Barmalade Mango Habanero Cocktail

The great thing about Barmalade products is that they were developed and perfected by Jorge, who had already been working in the industry as a bartender; he knew exactly what type of quality and experience he wanted his customers to have when they drank a Barmalade drink. 

Barmalade products are also incredibly unique from any other type of craft cocktail mix on the shelves. To start, Barmalade products are created in a jamming process. “A liquid jam is how we describe the consistency”, Ashley explains to us. 

The jamming process that Barmalade uses is exciting because it involves the use of all-natural ingredients in an inventive way. Most cocktail mixers contain more water than anything else, and Barmalade is special because it has larger amounts of fresh fruit than any other ingredient. 

Save Time & Money

We love this product because it is a perfect model for efficiency in the kitchen. Barmalade mixers give you the opportunity to make delicious drinks without making a mess or wasting ingredients. 

If you’ve ever made a craft cocktail before, you know that there is a lot of waste. Whether you’re wasting produce that was unused, or wasting full batches of drinks because you just couldn’t get the recipe right, making cocktails can be a wasteful endeavor. 

“It will save you the time in hand muddling, and it will save them the money with not buying so many ingredients,” Rock explains, “It will save the wastage for shelf life of fruit that would go bad. You get the best of both worlds; getting the real fruit, and losing the extra waste and need to purchase the extra ingredients.”


The most difficult aspect of making craft cocktails is consistency in the final product. When you’re making a cocktail from scratch, it is nearly impossible to make it the exact same way every single time. 

Barmalade provides us with a product that completely solves this problem of inconsistency, while not taking away the experience of a beverage with fresh ingredients. “It’s perfectly balanced,” says Ashley, “To try to replicate that with fresh fruit, and get the ratios right, it’s super difficult to do on your own.”

Join Us

We are thrilled to be co-hosting this virtual craft cocktail event with Barmalade on the 24th of September. If you want to learn about an amazing and inventive way to serve cocktails at home, be sure to tune in! You can claim your free ticket by clicking the image above!