Employee Appreciation Day | A Connection to Workplace Wellness

Employee Appreciation Day is March 3rd. Started in 1995 by Bob Nelson, National Employee Appreciation Day is a day dedicated to employer-to-employee gratitude and goodwill. Employee Appreciation has become a day that employers need to pay attention to.  The changes people have been talking about brought on by the massive layoffs, Great Resignation, etc, or the fight for great talent, has put a new importance on the valuable role of gratitude in the workplace. When employees feel appreciation they are three times more likely to see a path to grow the organization and within the organization.

Research by Deloitte
 examined employee attitudes to receiving recognition. While recognition and appreciation aren’t the same, they’re close enough to give us an idea of the best practice. The results show that 37% of employees prefer to receive recognition from leadership, 32% from direct supervisors, and 31% from colleagues.

Business News Daily- A study finds that employees who feel “heard and valued” have better morale and performance.  https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/15272-employee-experience-engagement.html

How are you going to lift up and support your employees on Employee Appreciation Day, and every day?

“It has been proven that employees who feel heard and valued have higher morale and better performance, and those who are around plants and gardens have elevated mood and reduced stress. So, recognizing employees with opportunities to nurture nature them can deliver a double dose of appreciation and wellness for the people who make companies work day in and day out.” -Donna Letier

Wellness is important in all aspects of life, including work. Within the mold of American culture, oftentimes it can be easy to dismiss our needs when it comes to work. We have been told time and time again that work is the most important thing in our lives and requires us to put our family, and friends, as well as our physical and mental health on the back burner. 

At the forefront of our mission, Gardenuity is a wellness company. We believe in making mental and physical wellness through gardening accessible to anyone, anywhere. We are honored to work with amazing HR leaders, Chief People Officers, and Chief Happiness Officers around the country who are growing a culture of appreciation with their teams.

Appreciation is something that can happen creatively 52 weeks a year- and it can start with a heartfelt thank you.