Santa’s Helper Needs a Little Help | The Elf on The Shelf

Our favorite little helper is exhausted and stressed. Late nights moving from location to location, making special notes for all of the children on the nice list, and even providing special snacks or treats during the wee hours of the night. 

The Elf on the Shelf needs some help.

He knows he needs his energy, as there are still many weeks of a high-performing job ahead of him. He knows the pressure to do his best and perform is at an all-time high, which causes him quite a bit of stress. 

Whatever should our sweet little friend do? 

Don’t worry Mr. Elf, Gardenuity is here to help you out!

Gardening helps all of Santa’s elves manage their anxiety by spending a few moments each day to themselves and taking some moments of mindfulness to recognize all of the good things going on in the busy holiday season. Plus, all little elves need to stay hydrated and adding fresh herbs to your water is a great way to bring some fun flavors to your water.

After our favorite elf spends some time nurturing his nature, he feels calm, better equipped to manage his anxiety, and ready to get creative to bring the holiday cheer to all of the children of the world. If most of your day is spent at a desk, remember spending just a few minutes a day being mindful about nature can lead to good things and a sense of calm.