Eat Clean Play Dirty Cookbook Review by Donna Letier

One of my greatest delights is sitting outside with a cup of tea and diving into a new or treasured cookbook and thumbing through the pages, looking at the notes I have made over the years or discovering new ideas that I can’t wait to try. Eat Clean Play Dirty, Recipes for a Body and Life you Love by Danielle Duboise + Whitney Tingle founders of Sakara is just one of those books.  It’s a great read any time of the year and always entices me to explore new ideas with fresh flavors in the kitchen.

Originally published in April of 2019 this title deems revisiting or visiting for the first time.  It is a good read and invites you to use food as a tool to be your best self. The duo shares delicious recipes and refreshing rituals to bring nutritional harmony to your every day. It makes you want to eat kale and enjoy dessert. The book is an invitation to live healthily without making sacrifices.

Healthy is the secret (or not so secret) ingredient for the book, but as the authors share these recipes celebrate seasonal favorites.

On page 17 they share their belief in the power of PLANTS- something I am 100% on board with.

“We believe in the power of plants. That eating organic, whole, nutrient-rich foods can impact your health and your life.” “We believe you are what you do the majority of the time. In leafy greens, but also in mimosas at Sunday brunch and in the joy of dark chocolate.”

They share the Sakara Blessing on page 35:

“Bless this food and let it nourish my body. Gratitude for all the hands that touched it and allowed it to be on my plate. Bless the earth for providing me with everything I need to be healthy, happy, and free.”

So, whether you are eating at your desk, with friends, or preparing a family Sunday supper Eat Clean and Play Dirty is full of delicious, healthy recipes.

The Chickpea wraps with spiced Walnut spread + grilled avocado salsa recipe is one of my go to recipes when we are having friends over.  It is simple and people can essentially top it with their favorite flavors.

Another favorite that puts our fresh herbs and leafy green harvests to good use is the zucchini pesto. Fresh, easy, and works beautifully with a chilled rose. 

Every page is full of insightful ideas, thoughts, and inspiration.  Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle were generous with sharing their personal approach to holistic, healthy, happy, vibrant living.  The gratitude they feel comes through in every beautiful image and story.

This is a book that invites you to set up a cooking club with a few of your favorite people and explore the recipes and philosophies together.