10 Benefits of Starting a Container Garden this Spring

Now that spring time is finally here to stay, the weather is warming up, and the days are becoming longer, our daily routines are shifting. Instead of staying inside to avoid the cold, we are looking for any excuse to get outside and soak up that sweet sunshine. 

This spring season is the perfect time for you to start your container gardens, if you have not done so already! You can grow oh so many beautiful plants; the excitement of seeing that first new growth is truly irreplaceable. Keep reading to learn about 10 benefits to starting a container garden this spring. 

Why a Container Garden?

For those of you who are tried and true raised bed gardeners, or those who have never even gardened at all, it makes sense to wonder, why start a container garden now? The reality is that growing gardens in containers gives you almost complete control over the environment of your growing plants. That is to say, the weather is no match for you; you can always keep your garden safe. 

Container gardens are also great for any space. Even if you have a large outdoor area, a back patio, a front porch, or a fire escape – a container garden, or many container gardens, can fit and thrive in these spaces. You can truly container garden anywhere that has a handful of sunlight and a lot of love. 

Finally, with less trips to the grocery store, and less support of unhealthy commercial growing techniques, growing your own garden at home is a step towards a greener lifestyle. Support the environment by starting your garden today!

Gardening is Good for You

Do not let it be lost on you that starting a garden will indeed make you happier. Regardless of your bounties at the end of the season, the experience of growing and tending to your very own garden is one that is inexplicably fulfilling; it warms you from the inside out by soothing your mind, body and soul. Gardening is truly so good for you

10 Benefits of Starting a Container Garden

  1. Great for Beginners
  2. A Fantastic Solution for Small Spaces
  3. Good for Master Gardeners Who are Testing New Plant Varieties
  4. Convenient for Everyone
  5. Fun + A Great Confidence Booster
  6. Great for the Environment – Starting the Initiative to Grow your Own Product
  7. Less Time is Needed
  8. Portability – Keep your Plants Safe all Year Round
  9. Control – Control the Garden’s Soil Quality
  10. A Wonderful Opportunity to Practice Mindfulness

This list covers just a few of the incredible benefits to embarking on your container gardening journey. If you feel that you are unsure as to where to start with container gardening, never fear! We have a Complete Guide to Container Gardening for Beginners here to guide you. All you need to do is prepare yourself for an experience that will be grounding, relieving of stress, and so much fun.

Start your Journey

It is never too late to stop trying new things, and it is never too soon to start your first container garden! Join us this spring in experiencing new growth in ourselves, and in our gardens. When you grow with Gardenuity, our Grow Pro services will guide you through every step of the way; you’ll be sure to have a wonderful experience in growing good. Take a look at our available, tailored garden kits