Interview w/ Carrell Stahala | Serena & Lily Store Design Lead

Serena & Lilly with Gardenuity Garden

A house is not a home until you fill it with love, plants, and some amazing, tasteful decor, of course. Your home space is a place where you can escape to relax, recuperate, and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones.

This week, we were able to have a lovely visit with the design leader of the Dallas Serena & Lily Store, Carrell Stahala. We had the chance to learn the inside scoop about Carrell and her experience in leading the store.

Bonus: keep reading for some insider advice that you’ll want to hold onto when you’re shopping for gifts this holiday season!

Life at Serena & Lily

Carrell has been with the Dallas Serena & Lily store since they opened, back in 2018. She joined the team to lead in their design shop, and she brought with her years of experience in helping customers. Serena & Lily is a darling store that offers all of the home provisions of your dreams; from pillows, to bedsheets, to area rugs, and more. 

“When I have more time to work with clients,” Carrell shares, “and help them make selections that make them happy in their home, that’s what reminds me how much I love what I do.”

At the end of the day, people are going to remember the experience they have when buying products for their home; when they have the pleasure of interacting with someone, like Carrell, who genuinely cares about their decisions, customers won’t forget about that. This is why being intentional about how you interact with your clients is so significant. 

Your Home Environment and Wellness

Serena & Lilly Home Decor

When it comes to arranging your living space, it truly is important to keep in mind how your environment impacts you on a daily basis. Everything, down to the color of your decor, has the power to influence you throughout your day. We truly believe that the environment you live in has the ability to promote wellness through peace of mind and comfort. 

“I love the idea of a home being a place that you go to in order to destress,” Stahala shares, “In the best of times, I think it’s extremely important. Now, it’s even more important; your home should be a place where you come to be comfortable, and leave the rest of the world outside.”

As we always say, adding a little greenery to the mix never hurts! Keeping plants in your living space cleans the air, as well as provides you with a mental boost and a mood boost to keep you going throughout the day. For more information on how your home can impact your mental health, take a look at this article by Thrive Global. 

“I love having green plants in my home. They’re good for your environment, and they’re just good for the soul.”

Carrell Stahala

“One of the biggest holiday trends this year is that people are decorating more for the holidays, they’re decorating earlier,” Carrell shares with us. You heard it here first; if you’re also planning on going all out with holiday decor this year, make sure you start your shopping sooner rather than later!

“We’re seeing a lot more requests for outdoor furniture and outdoor pillows and updates. Now that people are gathering in small groups, having an outdoor space is even more important,” Stahala explains, “a patio is an extension of your home, but it’s in the open air, so you can still social distance and have people in your home when you otherwise couldn’t.”

Another trend that Carrell has been seeing at the store is that people are looking for more products that will engage the whole family. This includes things like game tables for a family game night – we love this new pattern for families in our community. 

Carrell’s Holiday Shopping Advice

Gardenuity Garden Kit & Orange Planter

It’s no secret that online shopping is the name of the game this year. That said, do your best to prepare for this influx of online ordering by doing your shopping as early as humanly possible. “If you’re going to be shipping anything to somebody as a present,” Carrell says, “do it very, very early. Shipping is something you’ll want to do promptly this year across the board.”

Carrell also advises to put a little extra thought into what you’re giving this year, especially in the event that you’re not able to personally deliver the gift yourself. “I always like to find something personal,” Carrell shares. That’s the simple goal: to share how you care. 

Consuming with Care

Decorating your home space is a process that takes time and patience, although it often turns into a task that is daunting and consuming. Take a second and reevaluate your priorities the next time you feel pressured to make a big purchase for your home. 

Consider Carrell’s advice: “Whether it’s something very small, or an entire remodel, find the thing that makes you happy; find something to brighten your day, that’s what’s really important.”